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Guidelines For Putting ‘A’ Boards On A Public Footway

These guidelines apply to ‘A’ Boards and similar objects which may be placed on a public highway to advertise a business. Goods for Sale on the public footway are not permitted.

Please note that under no circumstances are ‘A’ boards or other objects permitted on Princes Street without the express consent in writing of the Council.

  1. Only 1 ‘A’ Board is permitted per premises.
  2. Board sizes should not exceed 1.0 metres in height and 0.75 metres in width.
  3. The ‘A’ Board must be placed directly outside the frontage of the business and not remote from the premises though an exception is made for boards advertising businesses in closes off the Royal Mile.
  4. ‘A’ Boards should be placed on the footway adjacent to the kerb and set back 0.45 metres from the kerb. Alternatively, they can be placed at the back of the footway. At least 1.4 metres of footway width must remain clear for pedestrians at all times.
  5. If the premises holds a Tables and Chairs Permit, the ‘A’ Board must displayed within the area allocated for tables and chairs.
  6. ‘A’ Boards must be visible to the partially sighted and should not be placed on the footway during darkness or in the event of inclement weather.
  7. In placing an ‘A’ Board on the footway, Proprietors / Managers indemnify the Council against any claims, which may arise in relation to this obstruction.
  8. A ‘Boards’ must be free standing and not attached to items of street furniture or fixed to the footway. They should not obstruct access to service ducts and access chambers.

In all cases, priority is given to pedestrians and the Council will use it’s authority under the Road (Scotland) Act 1984 to control obstructions and ensure that pedestrian access is maintained. If premises fail to respond to a request to reposition or remove an ‘A’ Board, the ‘A’ Board will be uplifted by the Council and cost of doing so will be recovered from the business.