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­Lauriston United Presbyterian Church

This Gothic Revival building, dating from 1859, in Lauriston Place was sold in 1982 for £35,000 by the Church of Scotland to two individuals, Messrs Ballali and Abdel-Aal, representing the Arab Social League of Edinburgh. The intention was to convert the building into a youth centre, but there seemed to be insufficient funds to maintain the building, let alone carry out any work.

In 2000 the Lauriston Church Preservation Group was formed by local residents alarmed at its deteriorating condition. In 2001, after being used as a refuge for Muslim families, the building was badly damaged by a fire which the police treated as suspicious. A repairs notice was served - in vain. The derelict church is now on the Building at Risk Register maintained for Historic Scotland by the Scottish Civic Trust and there is vague talk of it being sold to a developer.

The address of the Arab Social League of Edinburgh is given as c/o. The Muslim Council of Britain in London. Such irresponsible treatment of historic buildings does not help in furthering good community relations.


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