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Fountainbridge Development Brief Draft

Memorandum from Edinburgh City Council

With the formal opening of the Millennium Link in May 2002 the emphasis has now moved onto maximising the potential of the asset in local economic development/regeneration terms for local communities.

A planning workshop was held on 2nd April 2004 in the Council Business Centre as part of the process of preparing a development brief for the Fountainbridge area. The event was organised by the Council in association with Scottish & Newcastle’s consultants GVA Grimley and Allan Murray Architects. The meeting was well attended by a wide range of interests, including local members, local residents and community organisations, private developers, MSPs, local landowners (including British Waterways), Historic Scotland and amenity bodies.
Appendix 3 - Summary Fountainbridge Planning Workshop 2nd April 2004

Fountainbridge Development Brief - Consultation Draft

Fountainbridge Development Brief (Draft)
The draft Fountainbridge Development Brief was approved by the Planning Committee on 3rd June 2004 for consultation purposes. The consultation period ran until 30 July 2004.

Fountainbridge Development Brief (Draft)Tollcross Response
Fountainbridge Development Brief - Schedule of Responses

Figure  1 Study Area Figure 12 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 1
Figure  2 Aerial View Figure 13 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 2
Figure  3 Existing Planning Consents Figure 14 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 3
Figure  4 Existing Pedestrian Circulation Figure 15 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 4
Figure  5 Predicted Pedestrian Desire Lines Figure 16 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 5
Figure  6a Views Figure 17 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 6
Figure  6b1 Key View Analysis Figure 18 Urban Framework Strategy - Site 7
Figure  6b2 Key View Analysis Figure 19 Proposed Infrastructure
Figure  6b3 Key View Analysis Figure 20 Proposed Indicative Sections
Figure  6b4 Key View Analysis Figure 21 Indicative Sketch Section Through Central Space
Figure  7 Existing Indicative Sections Figure 22 Indicative Sketch Along Canal
Figure  8 Listed Buildings Figure 23 Indicative Street Sections
Figure  9 Concept Sketch Masterplan Figure 24 Indicative Street Sections
Figure 10 Concept Framework Figure 25 Aerial View of Masterplan
Figure 11 Development Sites Figure 26 Sketch of Fountainbridge Boulevard
  Figure 27 Sketch of West Approach Road Boulevard