5 Contextual Analysis

  • 5.1In the West Tollcross area, there are a number of fine buildings, namely Tollcross Primary School and Central Hall and a strength of edge definition to Earl Grey Street, Home Street and Fountainbridge. However, this area lacks the clarity of urban block which is evident in the surrounding streets. Whilst there is a variety of building types, the general mass of these streets is dominated by a four storey tenement scale and sandstone finish. The streets at the heart of the study are less well defined, largely as a result of excessive road surfacing, leftover pockets of land, the modest scale of some buildings and the prominently located electrical sub station.

  • 5.2The movement corridors of Earl Grey Street and Fountainbridge are well established and will continue to be of primary importance. Figure 3 illustrates the potential pedestrian routes through this area, which link to wider pedestrian routes from the Meadows, Quartermile, Lochrin Basin, Bruntsfield, Lothian Road etc. New pedestrian routes to Morrison Street and Lochrin Basin place an increased importance on this area in determining the quality of placemaking and the pedestrian experience.

  • 5.3A key issue for the development brief is to ensure that streetscape proposals can integrate the surrounding context through the creation of spaces with clearly defined roles. The spaces within the study area are primarily circulation spaces where the interface between the footway and ground floor activity is critical. The spaces are intended to be predominantly hard surfaced, although the opportunity to introduce green landscape into the proposed West Tollcross open space should be explored.

  • 5.4The scope for new buildings is limited. Where opportunities for new buildings exist, these should present an appropriate scale and massing to give definition to the space between the buildings. The challenge for new development is to respect the height and scale of neighbouring properties whilst creating a positive edge to the street to enliven these routes.

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