7 West Tollcross Public Realm Strategy

  • 7.1In West Tollcross, proposals to improve the public realm are likely to have significant implications for vehicular and pedestrian movements. Some initial ideas in terms of public realm improvements are shown in Figure 5, including the creation of a West Tollcross Public Space. This proposal seeks to create a high quality space, where pedestrian movement is given priority, and vehicle movement is accommodated.

  • 7.2The preparation of a detailed public realm strategy is a key requirement of the development brief. It should identify areas with potential for environmental improvement and also give consideration to any transport related implications. Proposals which involve any revisions to the road layout will require to be progressed in consultation with the Council's Transport Function. The following tasks should be undertaken as part of this work:
  • carry out traffic counts in the area, including junctions.
  • carry out junction modelling relating to alterations to roadways, junction alterations, pedestrian crossing facilities and traffic signals.
  • accommodate the needs of the Fire Service in terms of the movement of engines in and out of the fire station.
  • prepare a strategy for residents' parking, public parking, on-street cycle parking and footway enhancements.
  • assess the location of bus stops in terms of suitability and potential for improvement in conjunction with any footway widening.

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