1 Introduction

  • 1.1West Tollcross lies immediately adjacent to the boundary of the Fountainbridge Development Brief which was approved by the Council in November 2004 (see Figure 1). The Fountainbridge area has seen a number of recent developments adjacent to Lochrin Basin and further significant change is anticipated as a result of the closure of Scottish & Newcastle's Fountain Brewery. The Fountainbridge Development Brief was prepared to establish a comprehensive townscape and infrastructure framework for redevelopment proposals on sites in and adjacent to the Brewery.

  • 1.2During the consultation exercise for the Fountainbridge Brief, the issue of preparing land use and design guidance for the area between the canal basin and Tollcross was raised. In approving the guidance for Fountainbridge, the Council agreed that an additional study would be undertaken to examine the redevelopment opportunities and the potential to achieve high quality linkages between Fountainbridge and Tollcross.

  • 1.3The regeneration of West Tollcross provides the opportunity to reflect and, where possible, enhance the positive attributes of the existing environment and to address current weaknesses. The legacy of alterations to traffic movement and underused road space has resulted in poor pedestrian accessibility and public realm. The area now has a key role in the integration of the canal regeneration with the existing nodal space at Tollcross.

  • 1.4There is an area of overlap between the Fountainbridge and West Tollcross Briefs as shown on Figure 1. Proposals in the overlap area will be assessed in accordance with the provisions of both briefs. However, if there are any inconsistencies between the two briefs, West Tollcross will take precedence as it is the most recent.

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