4 Environment and Infrastructure Considerations

Architectural Interest

  • 4.1The statutorily listed buildings in the development brief area are:-
  • 2-20 Earl Grey Street & 2 West Tollcross, Methodist Central Hall. Listed Category B
  • Tollcross Primary School, West Tollcross, including boundary wall, gatepiers and railings. Listed Category B
  • 26-44 Home Street, 1-3 Lochrin Terrace and 2-6 Lochrin Place Listed Category C
  • 46-66 Home Street, 1-3 Lochrin Place and 2-4 Lochrin Building Listed Category C
  • 1 Ponton Street, 89-95 Fountainbridge and 1 Thornybauk. Listed Category B
  • 4.2Proposals should take full account of the special architectural or historic interest of these buildings and how this may be protected. Consideration should be given to how an appropriate setting can be retained or created. In addition, proposals for built development in this area should be accompanied by design information which shows the height relationship with the skyline profile of Edinburgh Castle.

Archaeological Interest

  • 4.3Since the early 18th century, Tollcross has been a focus for both industrial activity and domestic/commercial settlement. Ponton Street and Thornybauk provided the historic divide between the two zones of activity, with the area to the south and west used for industrial purposes and the area to the east for housing and commercial uses. Along with Fountainbridge, Tollcross was an important area in the growth of Edinburgh during the Industrial Period.

  • 4.4Despite modern developments, evidence suggests that this area may contain important archaeological remains associated with Edinburgh's 18th/19th century industrial past. Where proposals will require groundbreaking works, developers are advised to contact the Council's Archaeologist at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss appropriate mitigation measures.


  • 4.5The West Tollcross area is located within the catchment areas of Tollcross Primary School, James Gillespie's High School, St Peters RC Primary School, St Cuthbert's RC Primary School, St Thomas of Acquin's RC High School and St Augustine's RC High School. All schools have spare capacity, with the exception of James Gillespie's High School and St Thomas of Acquin's RC High School. A developer contribution would be required from any housing proposals in the area towards alleviating accommodation pressures at these two schools.

  • 4.6The amount of developer contributions would depend on the number and type of residential units proposed, in accordance with the Council's "Developer Contributions for Investment in Schools" policy.


  • 4.7At present, the character of the area is dominated by unnecessarily wide roads and junctions and areas of end-on public car parking, all of which make inefficient use of space and are to the detriment of pedestrian permeability and the quality of the public realm. There are a number of potential improvements which have been explored within the context of this brief. These include:-
  • reduction in the amount of land given over to road space;
  • new or revised traffic management measures;
  • redistribution of car parking provision.
  • To ensure that local improvements do not have an unacceptable impact on traffic movements in the surrounding network, transport consultants were appointed to undertake a detailed study of the area. This study included the identification of a number of options for traffic and streetscape improvements, an assessment of traffic impact in both the immediate and wider area consideration of parking provision and consultation with the Fire Service. It concluded that the majority of the improvements proposed in West Tollcross can be carried out with no material detriment to traffic circulation in and around the area. The results of this study have informed the finalised version of the West Tollcross Development Brief.

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