7 Public Realm Improvements

  • 7.1Figures 4 - 6 show potential opportunities to enhance the public realm in West Tollcross. Key elements include:-
  • Stopping up of the road at West Tollcross/Lochrin Place to create a public open space
  • Creation of a public open space at the junction of Thornybauk and West Tollcross.
  • Reduction in road widths and subsequent increase in pedestrian space along Thornybauk, Ponton Street and West Tollcross.
  • Enhancement of pedestrian routes along and across Fountainbridge.
  • 7.2Figure 5 illustrates the new public space which can be created as a result of the stopping up of the road at West Tollcross/Lochrin Place. This space will function as a pedestrian arrival point between Tollcross and Lochrin Basin, linking through the former Arnold Clark site once it is redeveloped. The north section of the space will be formed in a raised shared surface to accommodate vehicular turning at the end of West Tollcross. The stopping up of the road should result in reduced traffic movements and thereby create a safer environment adjacent to the primary school.

  • 7.3Figure 6 illustrates the area of public realm to be created as a result of a reduction in the road width at Thornybauk. This public space should be carefully designed to provide an attractive, open and safe environment. It is intended that Thornybauk will accommodate one lane of traffic travelling north with Fire Brigade only traffic travelling south. These proposals, in conjunction with footway widening on West Tollcross, will create an enhanced pedestrian route from Tollcross to the primary school and on to Lochrin Basin.

  • 7.4The opportunity to reduce road widths to the minimum necessary to accommodate traffic movements will create an enhanced pedestrian environment along Thornybauk, Ponton Street and West Tollcross. The most notable change is the reduction in the road width on Ponton Street to two lanes of traffic which will allow the provision of additional on-street car parking.

  • 7.5Figure 4 indicates the intention to improve pedestrian movement along and across Fountainbridge. Work is now ongoing on drawing up detailed proposals for the section of Fountainbridge between Gardner's Crescent and Lothian Road/Earl Grey Street, including improved crossing facilities and footpath widening. Such proposals may have a significant impact on traffic management in the wider area and therefore require careful assessment. This study will take some time and it is not desirable to delay approval of the brief until this work is complete. It is therefore intended that detailed proposals for pedestrian improvements along Fountainbridge will be incorporated into the West Tollcross brief at a later date.

  • 7.6The Fire Service have been consulted on the proposals for West Tollcross. They are satisfied that the provisions of the brief will not compromise the operations of the Tollcross Fire Station provided the contra–flow fire lane on Thornybauk is kept clear at all times. Further consultation with the Fire Service and the Council's Transport Function will be required on the detailed design and implementation of public realm proposals.

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