8 Parking Provision

  • 8.1The availability of car parking spaces to serve local residents, town centre customers and visitors to local businesses is an issue of concern to those living and working in the West Tollcross area. Recent changes in the area, including the closure of the Arnold Clark business and the residential development now under construction at Lochrin Place have had implications in terms of availability of and demand for on-street car parking spaces.

  • 8.2The transport consultant's study looked at car parking provision in the area and where possible identified opportunities to provide additional spaces within the context of meeting the objectives of the brief as set out in para 6.2 - in particular enhancing the public realm and improving pedestrian links.

  • 8.3It is not possible for the brief to set out detailed solutions to the parking issue at this stage – proposals will require to be considered in consultation with the Council's Transport Function as and when opportunities arise. However Figure 7 highlights where existing parking spaces will be lost and identifies the potential for the creation of new spaces – these could be for either public or residential parking. New parking restrictions will be required on Thornybauk to ensure that the fire lane is kept clear at all times. Public parking is provided within recent developments, below the Bank of Scotland on Earl Grey Street and at Edinburgh Quay – however these facilities are not currently well used. There is an opportunity, through better directional signage and promotion, for these car parks to make a greater contribution to meet the demand for public car parking in the Tollcross area and reduce demand for on-street spaces.

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