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ISSUE 35 July 2007

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Public Safety – Terror Threat Moves Closer to Home

The country is currently on high alert in connection with a number of incidents that have occurred over the past few days. The Lothian and Borders area remains a safe and secure place to live and for people to go about their business. No specific threats have been made against any site within the Force area, however we are taking every step possible to secure the safety of the people we serve.

I want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep the public safe. We, along with police forces across the country, are currently reviewing our policing and security plans to ensure that they are commensurate with the new threat level and that all police activity is proportionate to that level.

Extra high visibility patrols are taking place throughout the force including the main transport routes in and out of Edinburgh. There has also been an increase of armed officers patrolling Edinburgh Airport.

I want to take this opportunity to ask everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police. Hate crime or crimes of disorder will not be tolerated and anyone who feels that they are a victim should contact us.

Anyone with any information or concerns can contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311 3131 or Crimestoppers in Confidence and complete anonymity on 0800 555 111.

Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Don’t be a Victim of Crime this Summer

It’s the time of year when we are (hopefully) enjoying the sun in our gardens or going off on holiday.

A prevalent crime at this time of year is what the police call a ‘slip in’ theft. This can be committed in a number of ways. The most common being when you are in the garden, the thief slips into your house through an insecure door or window and steals your valuables. Similarly, if it is a nice day and you leave windows or doors insecure while you go about your business inside the house. REMEMBER it only takes a second to slip in and steal cash, credit cards, jewellery, a digital camera, an MP3 player, laptop and even your car.

To avoid becoming a victim be vigilant and take the following easy steps:
  • If you are in your back garden make sure that your front door is locked and secured, not just the yale lock. These are easy to slip open and for someone to sneak in and steal your valuables.
  • Make sure that the windows at the front of your house are also locked and secured for the same reasons.
  • If you have a conservatory or patio doors at the rear of your home it is important to secure them to prevent anyone slipping in whilst you cut the grass with your noisy lawnmower or are working in your garden.
Further pointers for those going away on holiday this summer:
  • When you go on holiday, contact the post office to suspend your mail so it’s not lying behind your door or sticking out the letterbox. Same with any newspapers you have delivered.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to keep an eye on your house for you. They might even be willing to come in and close your curtains at night, open them in the morning and make your house appear occupied.
  • Fit timer switches to internal lights, BUT NOT JUST IN YOUR HALLWAY, who sits in their hallway?
  • Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked and put the keys somewhere out of sight. Key hooks in the hall that you hang the car keys, spare house keys, garage keys, shed keys and every other sort of key that you have ever possessed are a gift for thieves! Put all of your keys somewhere secure and out of sight.
  • If you have a house alarm, use it! If it is monitored by an alarm company tell them you are on holiday.
If you take the above steps you will more than likely have a crime free summer. Unfortunately I can’t offer any such reassurances regarding the weather.

Local News

West End Beat: Beat CE20 PC Clare Smith
June was quite a quiet month for crime, considering we are now in the summer months! Crime does increase during the summer as people become forgetful, whilst enjoying the good weather and having a few drinks in the sun, people tend to leave handbags and jackets lying around giving the thieves an ideal opportunity to mingle with the crowds and tourists and collect their wares. Please still be vigilant and don’t leave items lying around.
There were a few businesses in and around Melville Street that have been targeted by persons entering insecure front doors and removing items from the premises, some of which were high value. If the front door to your business must remain open and unlocked during the day then either have someone at the reception desk at all times and if they must leave it for a few minutes ensure they lock the door and don’t leave items unattended.

Old Town Beat: Beat CE21 PC Lesley Culbert
Unfortunately July has seen a slight increase in the number of thefts from business premises especially hotels, it has become apparent that changing rooms within the gym facilities there are being targeted in particular. If you use these facilities could you please ensure that your belongings are securely locked away and not left lying unattended or in an unlocked locker. On a more positive note a male has been arrested who is responsible for several thefts within hotel premises recently but he is not the only one active in this area.

With the school holidays in full swing we obviously experience more calls involving youths and their behaviour. Whilst the majority are reasonably well behaved doing no more than congregating together there are others who’s antisocial behaviour causes real annoyance to residents and visitors alike, one area where this is the case is the graveyard at Greyfriars Kirk. In an attempt to alleviate the problem the council have agreed to secure the graveyard at night making access more difficult, we will monitor the situation to see if this has the desired effect.

New Town Beat: Beat CE22 PC Dane Harrison
June has been a busy month with the Glasgow Airport incident and its repercussions throughout Scotland. Royal week in Edinburgh and the latter saw the force stretched somewhat for resources.
Despite this, figures have not deviated much for this time of year compared with last year.
Due to an article in the Edinburgh Evening News relating to a male being responsible for numerous indecent assaults in the Princes St. and west end of the city, further reports were made to the police and this led to the arrest of a male who was held in custody for court appearance. A total of 28 charges being libelled against him. This was a clear case of information from the public enabling the police to complete their enquiries.

Willie Wills – City Centre Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officers (CBOs)

The three Community Beat Officers
Central Beat can be contacted on
0131 221 2008 / 2079 or by e-mail as follows

Central Beat CE20 – PC Clair Smith

Central Beat CE21 – PC Lesley Culbert

Central Beat CE22 – PC Dane Harrison

Officer in Charge of Central Beat
Chief Inspector Willie Wills

Inspector Bruce Johnston

Sergeant Lynne Symington
  Year to date, overall crimes reported have dropped by just under 500 crimes over the same period last year. This includes a significant reduction in violent crime, thefts, housebreakings and drug offences.

The availability of 60 new officers patrolling on foot and by bicycle has undoubtedly had an impact and contributed greatly to the prevention of instances of crime in the area.

In addition, a new tasking unit has been created to quickly assess and identify areas of concern, which will result in the deployment of resources to deal with these problematic areas in a swift and robust manner. This Unit will also liaise with our partners in the Council and Environmental Wardens Department on a regular basis so that all issues are addressed.