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ISSUE 34 June 2007

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Police and Council Move In Together

Seventeen police officers from the Safer Communities Department are now co-located with Council colleagues at Chesser House, Gorgie Road. The co-location is a groundbreaking opportunity to co-ordinate and improve the delivery of services to people living and working across the Capital. Officers are working side by side with Council staff on problem solving partnerships, crime prevention through design initiatives, personal safety and the reduction of antisocial behaviour. Also located at Chesser House are specialised police officers tasked with raising awareness of the misuse of drugs and safety on public transport.
The principal benefits of co-location will include:
  • Improved information sharing between police and Council departments
  • Greater understanding of working practices and sharing of best practice
  • Enhanced opportunities to plan joint working
Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Holiday Security Hints for Your Home

Most housebreakings happen when a flat or house is unoccupied. But, by following these simple security hints you can help make your home appear occupied and therefore more secure whilst you are out or on holiday.
  • Don’t discuss holiday plans where strangers might overhear
  • Cancel milk or paper deliveries
  • Don’t leave curtains closed during the daytime
  • Use timer switches to light up your home at night
  • Tidy your garden
  • Ask relatives or trusted neighbours to visit your home and ask them to collect mail, mow the lawn, put out bins and open and close curtains
  • Let relatives or trusted neighbours know how long you will be away for and leave details of where you can be contacted in an emergency
  • Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with relatives or purchase a small safe, which should be securely fixed within your home
  • If you are not taking your car with you, make sure car keys are hidden
Finally, make sure that you have locked all the outside doors and windows, if you have an intruder alarm; make sure it is set. You can find more detailed crime prevention advice at www.crimereduction.gov.uk

Local News

West End Beat: Beat CE20 PC Clare Smith
Of the crimes reported to police during May, one area causing concern is that of thefts from pubs / clubs. The most favoured item stolen is mobile phones and bags left unattended. Please be vigilant when out and about and do not leave items unsupervised. It only takes a couple of seconds for your bag or phone to be taken. If you have had your mobile stolen, you must have the following information available: phone number, SIM card number and IMEI number. The IMEI number is 15 digits long and can be found by looking behind the battery of your phone. Please report it as quickly as you can to your network operator and to police, this will help the police and the phone industry fight mobile phone theft.
The monthly “Tollcross Pub Watch” meetings are still running and proving to be very successful. There are 14 pubs currently in the “watch” and the meetings are held with the police and either the licensee / manager or Assistant Manager. The main aim of the meetings is to share information and update each other on any local problems. If you need any further information or advice, please get in touch.

Old Town Beat: Beat CE21 PC Lesley Culbert
May was another busy month. There were numerous youth calls to Tytler Gardens and surrounding area. I am dealing with the ongoing issues regarding these calls but please feel free to contact me to discuss any problems you may be experiencing and we can work together to tackle the problems. The alcohol enforcement zone at Hunter Square has had a good start. With help from local business premises and CCTV reporting anyone they see drinking in the area, officers are able to attend and deal with any one committing an offence. Many of the individuals responsible for antisocial behaviour have taken on board that it is now an exclusion zone and have moved, however much still needs to be done in the long term.
It’s nice to see the vast majority of people in the city enjoying themselves as summer arrives. The Police Information Centre is now open longer hours and the staff there are able to help. The centre is worth a visit; feel free to pop in anytime you are passing. I can be contacted at the West End Police Station if you wish to speak with me.

New Town Beat: Beat CE22 PC Dane Harrison
Complaints have been received regarding youth and antisocial behaviour problems in the Greenside area. APS Ogilvie at the West End will be looking into this and we are keen to hear from any residents/businesses encountering problems.
The City Centre area attracts many buskers and beggars looking to earn extra money from visitors. A reminder to everyone that there are many services and agencies in the City available to help homeless and vulnerable people. Should you wish to donate money, consideration should be given to donating directly to the agencies that can help, rather than to individuals begging in the street. By doing so we can work together to help in a more constructive way. Buskers can cause some residents problems when they perform at antisocial times of the day. Call the police if you are encountering any undue nuisance as a result.
Hopefully, now that the warm weather is here to stay, we will all be spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine. Everyone enjoys a bar-b-cue but please remember if you are using a disposable one that you ensure it is disposed of safely after use. Do not discard it without a thought for the community and ensure that it is fully extinguished. Please also consider the neighbours and the community and try and keep noise to an acceptable level and everyone will then be able to enjoy the summer days and nights.

Willie Wills – City Centre Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officers (CBOs)

The three Community Beat Officers
Central Beat can be contacted on
0131 221 2008 / 2079 or by e-mail as follows

Central Beat CE20 – PC Clair Smith

Central Beat CE21 – PC Lesley Culbert

Central Beat CE22 – PC Dane Harrison

Officer in Charge of Central Beat
Chief Inspector Willie Wills

Inspector Bruce Johnston

Sergeant Lynne Symington
  As the Sector Inspector for the Central area, I have responsibility for policing within the City Centre. The structure within the area itself, has recently changed with 60 officers now available and patrolling the area on foot and on bikes.

I am working closely with our partners within the City of Edinburgh Council with the common goal of tackling robustly, those problems and issues giving concern within our community. Initial issues include antisocial behaviour problems in Hunter Square and at the East End of Princes Street. By implementing this ‘problem solving’ approach we aim to introduce long-term solutions with a view to making a positive impact on the quality of life for all.
With this in mind, I ask that local Associations gauge their top three priorities and relay this back through the Community Beat Officers. This will serve as a starting block to build on.

I am currently in the process of meeting with your newly elected councillors and bringing them up to date with local policing issues as they stand at present.

By working together I am confident that we can:

Inspector Bruce Johnston