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ISSUE 33 May 2007

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Strenthening Links with the Polish Community

In acknowledgement of the growing number of Polish nationals residing in the Capital, police and support staff are to receive specialisttraining on Polish issues. The training will focus on culture, expectations, beliefs, language, attitudes towards crime and the police and examine some of the basic differences between Polish and Scots Law.

The information will be presented in a series of seminars to raise awareness of the large number of Polish immigrants living in the City and the diverse cultural differences that may exist between them and Scottish people. Leaflets have also been produced in Polish explaining the role of the police and providing basic information on the law -including information about driving in the United Kingdom.

Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Nipping Garden Crime in the Bud

Spring is upon us and many of you will be dusting down the lawnmower and garden tools in the hope of producing an award-winning garden. Unfortunately, at this time of year, break-ins to garden sheds and thefts from gardens become more common. Many people store bicycles, power tools and expensive gardening equipment in sheds, making them an attractive target for criminals. These criminals consider this type of crime to be low risk, as there is no need to force entry to your home. However, there is much that can be done to outsmart garden thieves.
  • Use a good quality closed shackle padlock on your shed door - the hasp should be attached using coach bolts rather than screws
  • You should keep valuable items in the house - if they must stay in theshed, chain and lock them up
  • Loop a bike lock through the handles of garden forks, spades, etc. - these items can be used as tools to force entry to your home
  • Security mark your bicycles, lawnmowers, toolboxes and garden furniture by engraving, painting or utilising a security marker pen
  • Fit an internal wire mesh grille to protect your shed window
  • Install security lighting to illuminate your garden
  • Fit a shed alarm - they can be purchased for a few pounds from DIY retailers

Local News

West End Beat: Beat CE20 PC Clare Smith
A total of 246 crimes were recorded for April. 8 of those were theft from motor vehicles. All were entered by smashing windows and Sat Navs were the favoured item stolen. 4 business premises were broken into and 2 attempts were made. These occurred at West Maitland St, Melville Place, Palmerston Place and Forrest Rd. Entry was gained by smashing windows and numerous items were stolen. 16 thefts were recorded from pubs/clubs. People are still leaving bags/phones unattended. Another 22 thefts were reported, the majority of those occurred in Princes St Gdns. With everyone enjoying the good weather and forgetting to look after their valuables, please take care and look after your property. A total of 55 minor assaults were recorded, of which over 50% were solved and reports have been sent to the Procurator Fiscal. 3 racial incidents were reported and 2 persons have been reported for making racist remarks. There were 14 reports recorded for vandalism. The majority were minor but there was an incident at the Army Careers Office at Shandwick Place and an incident at Greyfriers Cemetery which are being investigated. Patrols have been increased at the cemetery to prevent further incidents.

Old Town Beat: Beat CE21 PC Lesley Culbert
There were 292 crimes recorded for April. There were 4 housebreakings and 1 attempt housebreaking. These occurred at Ann Terr, Tytler Gdns, Waverly Park and Canongate. Entry was gained by forcing the front door of the premises using bodily pressure. A number of audio/video items were stolen from one of the premises. A male had his bag and contents stolen whilst he was working voluntarily at a church. A male has been charged and a report has been sent to the fiscal after the male was caught on CCTV entering the church. 3 racial incidents were recorded and a male has been charged for one of them for making racist comments. The Canongate Kirk reported an incident of vandalism. Persons, unknown at present, have damaged walls in crypts by spray painting and pushing walls over. Patrols have been increased in the area. 3 pedal cycles were stolen in April, all had been left unattended and secure. There were 67 youth calls recorded. The majority were for youths hanging around in large groups and causing a general nuisance. If you have any problems / concerns please contact your local CBO.

New Town Beat: Beat CE22 PC Dane Harrison
456 crimes were recorded for April. 87 of these were for minor assault, of which numerous reports have been sent to the Procurator Fiscal. 14 cars were broken into whilst all parked unattended and secure within St James Centre car park, various items were taken. Please, if possible do not leave valuables within your car and if you have to, lock them away from sight. There were 3racist incidents reported. 1 of the incidents occurred in Princes St and involved a group of teenagers who verbally and physically assaulted 3 Asian females. After extensive enquiry a teenage female has been arrested and charged with the incident and enquires are continuing to trace the others involved. 2 reports were received of housebreakings, 1occurred at Royal Crescent where the house was entered by forcing the window and stealing various items of jewellery and computer equipment. A garage at Northumberland St was entered by forcing the garage door, nothing was taken. 2 attempts of housebreaking occurred at Barony St and Fettes Row, where bodily pressure was used on the front doors. 5 business premises were broken into at Princes St, Charlotte Sq, Hill St and George St. Padlocks on grills at 2 of the premises were smashed and entry gained through the windows. Please be vigilant when out and about and if you note anything of suspicion, please contact the police.
Willie Wills – City Centre Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officers (CBOs)

The three Community Beat Officers
Central Beat can be contacted on
0131 221 2008 / 2079 or by e-mail as follows

Central Beat CE20 – PC Clair Smith

Central Beat CE21 – PC Lesley Culbert

Central Beat CE22 – PC Dane Harrison

Officer in Charge of Central Beat
Chief Inspector Willie Wills

Inspector Bruce Johnston

Sargeant Lynne Symington

From 1st of April 2007 Operation Align came into force, which saw a reduction of 58 council wards to 17 multi member wards across the city. The central beat has 3 council members who will manage the central area.

The composition of LCPPA (Local Community Planning Partnership Area’s) will comprise of a core of local councillors, public agencies such as police and NHS, community representatives and the voluntary sector.

The partnership will take responsibility for issues in their area, such as traffic management, road issues and open space and target and address all issues.