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ISSUE 3 November 2004

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Edinburgh – How Safe is Safe?

I was slightly concerned to read the following sentence in a recent letter to a local newspaper: "Random acts of violence are becoming commonplace in the city." I am aware that it is a perception held by many but does it tally with the facts? Is the capital as dangerous a place as many media headlines have us believe? Statistics show that crimes of violence fell sharply last year from 2280 in 2002-3 to 1692 in 2003-4, a drop of some 25%. In terms of the randomness mentioned by the letter writer, current figures show that so-called "stranger-on-stranger" crimes actually account for less than half of all city assaults. On average there are just three per week. When one considers that the population of Edinburgh at the last census was recorded as 430,000, this balances out a ratio of victim per head of population as 1:143,00. Most violent crime involves parties who are known to each other, most involve the use of alcohol and most occur in predictable hot spots. Our real challenge is not to make Edinburgh a safe place – it is comparatively safe already – but we need to look at each of these three issues so that we can make it even safer than it is now.
Allan Shanks, Chief Superintendent.

Hot Topic

Bus Crime – Safer Travel tips for passengers

Thefts from passengers whilst they are travelling on buses are one of the largest problems that police and bus operators face. Despite the fact that more of these crimes are being solved now than ever before, these following tips will ensure that your property doesn't end up as a police crime statistic!
  • Keep your valuables safe and out of view
  • Use your mobile phone or personal stereo with discretion
  • Tuck necklaces and bracelets away out of sight
  • Keep your bag and belongings close to you
  • If possible, loop any bag handles over your wrist. Alternatively, slip handles over your shoulder and body
  • Don't leave your bag on the floor or on the seat beside you
  • Don't leave valuables in the luggage rack
  • Be aware of your surroundings, who's sitting near you, next to you, or behind you
  • Sit on the lower deck, preferably in view of the driver, especially on late night journeys
  • If you feel uncomfortable, intimidated or threatened by any other passenger, tell the driver immediately
  • When leaving the bus, check to make sure you have all your belongings with you
PC Martin White Public Transport Liaison Officer

Local News
  • You may have noticed in the media that a review has just been carried of the performance of 'A', the City of Edinburgh Division, which was formed in April last year from the amalgamation of three former territorial divisions. The outcome is that the policing of Edinburgh as one division is to continue but there have been 58 recommendations for improvement, including the revitalisation of, and a more integrated approach to, local policing. Further details of the review and the changes implemented will be detailed in future newsletters.
  • As indicated in October's newsletter an initiative had just commenced to patrol, both in uniform and plain clothes, identified 'hotspots' for domestic housebreakings. The intention was to not only deter offenders but also to detect and apprehend those responsible. As a result of this, officers from the West End Police Station have solved well over one hundred crimes relating in the main to housebreakings and thefts. Reports are currently being compiled for the Procurator Fiscal.
Beat Reports
  • CT30 Dalry – In total 153 offences were recorded for this beat during October. Theft shoplifting remains a concern (11 instances) as well as acts of vandalism (20 reported incidents). There were 3 domestic housebreakings and 2 attempts on business premises.
  • CT31 Fountainbridge – A total of 58 offences were recorded for the month of October, a slight drop from September. There were 8 minor assaults, and in relation to the three reported domestic housebreakings two persons have since been charged.
  • CT32 Tollcross – A total number of 282 offences were recorded for October, the largest crime type being thefts from within licensed or business premises with property being left unattached. There has been a spate of pedal cycle thefts (13 in total) and 46 reported incidents of assaults.
Harry Fraser – Tollcross Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

PC Emma Yetton - Dalry Cemetery Liaison Officer
PS Alan Benzie - Youth Calls
PC John Baillie - Fountain Park Liaison Officer
PS John Kavanagh - Dalry Beat Manager
PS Peter Wilson - Fountainbridge Beat Manager
PS Stevie Dolan - Tollcross Beat Manager

All of the above can be contacted at the West End Police Station on 229 2323

  • Violent crime has fallen in the first six months of this year to its lowest level for 5 years. Also for the first six months of this year the solvency rate is at 59% compared to 55% at the same time last year.
  • Please take a look at Lothian and Borders Police website ( It contains a myriad of information including the call grading protocal that explains how your call to the Police is prioritised.