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ISSUE 8 April 2005

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Turning the Volume Down on Noisy Neighbours

Edinburgh is a city renowned for its old tenements and modern flats. 'Stair life' has always been important in the capital. For most this means the opportunity to enjoy good relations with one's neighbours or, at the very least, the chance to live in peace and quiet in one's own home. For some though, the picture is very different. It can mean cheek by jowl living with so-called 'neighbours from hell' – a day-to-day life blighted by loud music, late night DIY, dog barking and so on. This is why I particularly welcome the launch of the Council'new noise teams of Environmental Health Officers. The creation of this unit follows some excellent joint working between the police and Council and breaks new ground in Scotland. Traditionally, noise complaints have fallen to the police to deal with. Now specially trained and equipped non-police staff will be the first point of contact for such calls. This will free up a considerable amount of police time and should allow quicker resolution of noise complaints. The teams have set themselves ambitious targets and – with attendance at over 100 calls in their first 4 days – they promise to be very busy. I wish them success in their new role.
Allan Shanks, Chief Superintendent.

Hot Topic

Shaping up for Summer

Many people will take up cycling as method of getting in shape for summer so here’s how to secure your bike when out and about.
  • Secure your bike using two quality locking mechanisms such as a chain and padlock with a D Lock
  • Remove valuable components (lights, saddle etc)
  • An expensive bicycle – consider having it security tagged by a recognised company.
Minor Fire Raising – A Simple Solution

Most instances of minor fire-raising are of an opportunistic nature. The damage caused by such incidents are generally minimal but it is clear that there could be more serious consequences. Abandoned or dumped rubbish is the most common material set on fire. Examples include wheelie bins, abandoned cars, collections of rubbish and waste materials and un-occupied dwelling houses.

You can assist us by having such materials removed before they become the fire raisers target.

Materials that have been dumped on the street or in open spaces removed by contacting the City of Edinburgh Council Rapid Response Unit on Freephone 0808 100 33 66.

Apparently abandoned vehicles, where it is assessed that there is a likelihood that they will be set on fire will be removed by the Environmental Wardens. Contact them on 529 3030.

Local News

The Tollcross and Fountainbridge Wards have recently been the subject of a number of breakins to both domestic property and commercial property where a great deal of personnel property and office equipment have been stolen. This issue has been addressed by local officers and I am glad to say a number of persons have been traced in this respect and reported to the Regional Procurator Fiscal. In many instances the majority of the premises had good security but were forced open to gain access. However can I take this opportunity to ask that any valuable property (jewellery etc) be photographed or good descriptions noted and office equipment is suitably marked to enable us to trace the rightful owner when it is recovered. This can sometimes be a problem we encounter especially when it has not been noticed missing.

This year has shown that the Tollcross Ward recorded a 35% solvency rate with 19% less crimes recorded than last year and the Fountainbridge Ward recording a 33% solvency rate with 14% less crimes recorded than last year.

In looking to the future I am pleased to say that plans are well under way to putting our new local Community Beat Officers in place and their names and contact numbers will be promulgated in the May issue. The rest of the uniform officers at the West End Police Station will be identified as Community Patrol Officers and they will be responsible for attending the graded calls in your areas. These officers will carry out both foot and mobile patrols in designated areas.

With the lighter nights now upon us and the better weather coming in many residents will no doubt be getting back in to their gardens and using their much liked expensive garden equipment. As with your personal property can I also take this opportunity to ensure that all your lawnmowers, trimmers etc are securely locked away at the end of the day and not left out to be used the following day.

The Beat Managers continue to be:

Beat 30 (Dalry) Sergeant John Kavanagh
Beat 31 (Fountainbridge) Sergeant John McEwan
Beat 32 (Tollcross) Sergeant Stephen Doyle.

Harry Fraser – Tollcross Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

Dalry Cemetery Liaison Officer
PC Emma Yetton
Fountain Park Liaison Officer
PC John Baillie
Dalry Beat Manager
PS John Kavanagh
Fountainbridge Beat Manager
PS John McEwan
Tollcross Beat Manager
PS Stevie Dolan

All of the above can be contacted at the
West End Police Station on 229 2323
Can any groups or associations planning any events this coming year please contact your local officers so that we can prepare our policing arrangements in plenty time as our own diary is getting fuller by the day and we would like to accommodate and give our smaller local events attention as well.