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ISSUE 12 August 2005

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Edinburgh Excels During G8

In early July, I felt a tangible sense of solidarity as the capital pulled together to face a unique challenge. The sceptics had predicted that Edinburgh was incapable of hosting G8 related events and that there would be widespread chaos on our streets. Ultimately though, such forecasts were wide of the mark. Why was this? Firstly, our officers and support staff – and indeed those from elsewhere in the UK – did a tremendous job. Yes, we were happy to welcome those who came here with legitimate concerns but no – and I make no apology for this – we would not stand idly by while others sought to use a legitimate cause to cloak criminal acts. Secondly, the joint working between the police, the city Council, local businesses and innumerable other organisations and individuals was exemplary and undoubtedly eased tensions and allayed fears on all sides. Last and by no means least, I would like to pay tribute you – the residents of the city – who accepted some disruption in your day-to-day lives with characteristic understanding, stoicism and good grace. Without this, our policing role would have been very much harder. I offer you my sincere thanks.
Allan Shanks, Chief Superintendent.

Hot Topic

At the moment we are having problems in various parts of the town with youths causing havoc driving around on Mini-motorbikes and “Go-peds”. It seems that a lot of people are oblivious to the law in relation to these mechanically propelled vehicles or are choosing to ignore it. These items are subject to the following restrictions: When using either of these vehicles you must be
- On PRIVATE LAND with the land owners permission OR
- If using in a PUBLIC PLACE, be 16 years or over, wear a helmet, have a relevant driving licence and also insurance.
Failure to abide by these laws could result in a young person having points added to a licence or future licence or a disqualification when the test is passed. They could also be fined and the vehicle confiscated.
The police and council are working together to ensure enforcement of the law in this matter and also to work with those selling the vehicles to get them to explain the conditions of driving such a vehicle. They can be very dangerous both for the rider and pedestrians so care should be taken.

I would also like to take the opportunity of reminding you about home security in the summer time. In the warmer weather more people are opening windows for fresh air and unfortunately criminals are taking advantage of this. Do be careful to lock up properly any time you leave your property, if you have window locks please use them, if not consider fitting some. If you are going away on holiday please take some extra measures such as informing family or neighbours. It is ideal if someone can pull curtains for you and check mail is not mounting up. Criminals looking to break into a home are looking for tell tale signs that no-one is at home. If you are not fortunate enough to have anyone to assist with this matter contact the Royal Mail and have them hold all mail until your return. Why not invest in some timer switches to leave on a couple of lamps and perhaps a radio.

Local News

Tollcross Sector – Beat 30 – Dalry
There have been four domestic housebreakings and one attempt domestic housebreaking during July. One Business premises was also subject to a break-in. If you see anything suspicious or strangers acting suspiciously please contact the police.
Motor crime has increased in recent months and July had five vehicles stolen and three broken into all on the North side of Dalry Road.
There were 15 Youth calls predominately to Duff Street and surrounding streets and this is being addressed by police patrols to any particular area that is identified as having a problem.
Opportunist crime continues with handbags and mobile phones being a target from businesses, licensed premises and clubs. One lady had her bag stolen at work and the criminal subsequently used the keys and identification in the bag to break into her house.

Constable Bryces’ next community police surgeries will be held between 1300 and 1400hours on Wednesday 21st September, 2005, 1800 and 1900hours on Thursday 22nd September, 2005, at Gorgie Dalry partnership office, 258 Dalry Road, Edinburgh.

Tollcross Sector – Beat 31 – Fountainbridge
There were two domestic housebreakings and no business break-ins during July
Please continue to secure your property and make it difficult for potential housebreakers.
Still quiet in relation to auto-crime. Only one vehicle broken into and one vehicle stolen.
Both occurred overnight 15th –16th July.
Two pedal cycles were stolen. Both had been left insecure, so it wasn’t difficult for the thief.

There were 18 youth related calls during July. They were spread evenly across the beat.
Constable Goodall’s next Community Police Surgery will be held between 1100 and 1200 hours on Wednesday 21st September, at the North Merchiston Boys and Girls Club, Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.

Tollcross Sector – Beat 32 – Tollcross
There were six domestic housebreakings during July. Persons have been charged in relation three of the break-ins. There was one business housebreaking.
Please check the security of your doors and windows – If YOU can get in easily – so can a thief.
There were five vehicles broken into during July.
Please don’t leave valuable items on view. Lock them in the boot or remove them from the vehicle.
There were no vehicles stolen during July.
Theft of Pedal cycles continues to be a problem.
Six were stolen in July. All but one had the security chain / lock overcome.

There were 11 youth related calls during July. 5 were in the Meadows area with the remainder spread across the beat.
Harry Fraser – Tollcross Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

Community Beat Officers (CBO’s)

The three Community Beat Officers for the
Tollcross Sector can be contacted on
0131 221 2008 or by e-mail as follows

Beat 30 – Dalry – PC Ian Bryce

Beat 31 – Fountainbridge
PC John Goodall

Beat 32 – Tollcross – PC Clare Smith

Officer in Charge of Tollcross Sector
Inspector Harry Fraser
  The Edinburgh Festival is with us again.

As always there will be a fantastic atmosphere in the city centre, with attractions to suit everybody.

The High Street closure will be implemented as usual, and as a result crowds will assemble to enjoy the many fringe previews and street performers.

Watch out for the street pickpockets, they are the ‘not so pleasant’ part of the festival and please do not place bags at your feet whilst watching the performers as this was a major attraction to the thieves last year.

Inspector Harry Fraser