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ISSUE 6 February 2005

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Edinburgh Crime: Separating Fact from Fiction

The power of words is a curious thing. Take a walk through the city centre or turn on a local radio station for example, and you will soon be confronted with a news billboard or headline that shrieks 'crime'. Peruse these for a period of time and a hierarchy of topics or themes emerge. Plunder a store of action verbs and nouns – 'soar', 'spiralling', 'crackdown' 'upsurge', etc – and you have an easy and eye-catching headline. But does this type of language convey an accurate picture of crime in the city to the average resident or visitor?
I am not sure that it does. Not so very long ago, we asked you – the city public – what crimes you would like to see us target. You told us that crimes of violence and housebreakings were amongst your top priorities. The most recent census figures, coupled with up-to-date crime statistics tell us:
  • An Edinburgh citizen will only be subject to a crime of violence once in 287 years;
  • The average Edinburgh home will be broken into once in every 111 years.
These remarkable figures point to the true extent of crime in the city. If they surprise you, as I suggest they might, then the point is made – Edinburgh is a safe city. Our policing task is to make it even safer.
Allan Shanks, Chief Superintendent.

Hot Topic

Secure Your Car

Following on from last months Hot Topic highlighting vehicle crime there are a number of crime prevention devices you can use to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. It doesn't cost anything to hide your valuables away and to lock your car. This will dramatically reduce the chances of your vehicle being targeted. We recommend you do this every time you leave your car. To reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen you should consider the opportunities you are giving the thief. Have you locked your vehicle? Are the keys in the ignition? Do you have a steering wheel lock, alarm or an immobiliser? You should also give consideration to where you park – what will the area be like at night? are there many streetlights? There are a number of organisations that provide excellent advice on security devices. The Home Office website provides a wealth of information on all aspects of crime prevention

Car alarms should be fitted by a professional. Either ask your car dealer or an installer approved by the Vehicle Systems Installation Board. Approved installers can be found by calling 01708-340911 or by visiting the website

Locking Wheel Nuts are cheap and easy to fit and can stop your wheels being stolen. Look for products that are approved by Thatcham (the Motor Insurance Repair Centre). Information is available by calling 0870-5502006 or visiting the website or contact Sold Secure on 01327264687 or visit the website at If your car is expensive or has sentimental value you could consider an in-car tracking device such as Tracker – 0500-090909,

If you would like further information on security products please contact the Community Safety Department on 0131-221 2050.

Local News

Local residents may have become aware of a number of incidents at Tollcross Primary School where children have been struck by plastic pellets from a toy gun. Initial investigations suggested that these incidents originated from the student accommodation beside the playground. Following comprehensive local enquiries and with the cooperation of the Napier University Housing Office a number of students are being investigated, and a pellet gun has been seized. The flats within the complex have been visited by the police and university staff highlighting the serious nature of the incidents. All of the students spoken to were concerned by the incidents and the reckless behaviour of their co residents. Napier University are also pursuing this matter through their internal disciplinary process.

In response to concerns raised by the community regarding inconsiderate and illegal parking in the streets around Tollcross Primary School and following a local education campaign, officers from the West End Police Station have attended in the area and carried out an enforcement campaign. During this a number of fixed penalty notices were issued for parking offences. The situation will continue to be monitored over the coming months.

The migration of the Response teams progressed smoothly on 23rd January and the officers are now settling into their roles at the West End Police Station. Five additional Sergeants are now operating from the West End Police Station which has led to a slight change to the Beat Managers within the Sector as follows:

Beat 30 (Dalry) Sergeant John Kavanagh
Beat 31 (Fountainbridge) Sergeant John McEwan
Beat 32 (Tollcross) Sergeant Stephen Dolan

The Sergeants continue to be contactable through the Sergeants Office at the West End Police Station.
Harry Fraser – Tollcross Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

Dalry Cemetery Liaison Officer
PC Emma Yetton
Fountain Park Liaison Officer
PC John Baillie
Dalry Beat Manager
PS John Kavanagh
Fountainbridge Beat Manager
PS John McEwan
Tollcross Beat Manager
PS Stevie Dolan

All of the above can be contacted at the
West End Police Station on 229 2323
Just a small reminder to highlight the need to properly catalogued any presents received over the Festive Season.

Where stolen property is recovered by the police there is a requirement that we prove who the owner is. In the absence of either a security mark, a serial number, or a distinguishing mark this is sometimes impossible.

To assist with cataloguing bikes a supply of "Bicycle Passports" has been obtained and are available through local Beat Managers.