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ISSUE 7 March 2005

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Edinburgh Break-ins - Good News from Insurers

In last month's Newsletter, I referred to the gulf between crime as a reality and crime as it might be interpreted from media headlines. Insurance companies are traditionally 'hard-nosed' on such matters. Today I was pleased to note the conclusions of a report by Endsleigh Insurance that revealed Edinburgh to be the safest city in the United Kingdom in terms of domestic break-ins. Specifically, residents in the capital are 56% less likely to suffer a housebreaking than the national average. Given the city's growing international profile and its expanding domestic and business populations these findings are nothing short of phenomenal. Policing methods need to evolve to keep pace with crime trends. We need to keep abreast of the way in which criminals work, focusing our efforts on crime prevention and, where a crime has occurred, crime solvency. This report shows that prevention messages do get through to householders. Latest performance figures also show that we are solving a creditable 43% of those that do occur. Taken together, these statistics show that we are making a real difference.
Allan Shanks, Chief Superintendent.

Hot Topic

Community Safety

At this time of year you will be thinking about the outdoor life - using your pedal cycles, tidying the garden and days out in the car. Unfortunately, opportunist thieves will also start paying attention to all the property that you store in your shed, where you leave your bikes lying around and watching what you leave in your car while you're out and about.

Thieves target unattended vehicles as they are seen as easy pickings. Consider carefully where you park your vehicle. When using your car only take those items which are essential and don't leave anything valuable in the car, NOT EVEN in the boot. The design of most cars allows access to the boot through the back seats.

By their design, garden sheds are difficult to secure. Instead, secure those things that you store in your shed. Run reinforced cable through the handles of your gardening equipment and padlock either end of this cable to an anchor point. The anchor point should be securely attached to a robust part of the shed. This would prevent the loss of expensive garden equipment or the use of tools for breaking into your or your neighbours' home.

Similarly, securely lock your pedal cycles together to prevent them being removed and ridden off.

If you would like further information on security products please contact the Community Safety Department on 0131 221 2050.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

Sector officers (CBOs) - Officers with responsibility for policing the three beat areas, all operate from West End police station. Local enquiries should be directed to relevant officers, to: e-mail: Officers First

Other key contacts:

Force Communications Centre
0131 311 3131

Community Safety Department
0131 221 2050

West End Police Station
3-5 Torphichen Place
Edinburgh, EH3 8DY
Young People in Edinburgh

The police and our partners have surveyed 5,500 young people in Edinburgh. We found that 63% want more focus on making the city safe and to reduce crime. 52% want to be listened to and have their views taken on board with 49% saying that organised events help this process. During darkness 59% felt unsafe. A huge 87% say they felt safer when with a group of friends with 47% feeling better about their safety when the police were about. 52% felt the police treated them with respect but 20% did not. We must all recognise that active co-operation of ALL citizens is vital to prevent crime, protect the public and that ALL citizens be treated with respect and according to indiviudal needs. A message for us all!

Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004

The law is now fully in place and help can be found for any behaviour causing concern by contacting the police or our council partners.

Tel. council - 0131 529 7050 or the web at

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