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ISSUE 28 December 2006

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Divisional Commander’s Message

I am pleased to report that 8 months into the current recording period, levels of crime across Edinburgh are down 5% on the same period last year. Similarly, year to date solvency has improved by some 7%. Significantly, 51% of all crimes committed across the Capital were solved during November 2006.

On a personal note, I will be retiring in January 2007 having been Divisional Commander of the City of Edinburgh for nearly 3 years. Chief Superintendent George Simpson will be taking over my position and I will be working closely with him to ensure a smooth transition. Throughout my time working in the Capital, I have been constantly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of police officers and support staff and I look forward to monitoring their efforts in the future.
Chief Superintendent Allan Shanks, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topic

Have a Safe Christmas!

With the Christmas and New Year party season about to start, Lothian and Borders Police are urging revellers to take care, to be aware and to drink sensibly over the festive period. The advice comes amid concerns about levels of binge drinking and the link to sexual and violent crime.

The misuse of alcohol is a real concern, particularly at this time of year. Incidents of drinks being spiked or tampered with are rare, but it is wise to take sensible precautions. It is equally dangerous to underestimate the effects of too much alcohol on the human body -drinking too much affects your judgment and can lead you into dangerous situations, making you a target for criminals when you are at your most vulnerable. If you are out with friends, stick with them and be cautious of going away with strangers or people you have just met in a pub or club.

We are not saying you can't enjoy yourself this Christmas, just be sensible with the amount you drink and keep an eye on each other. Remember, crime does not stop over the festive season and we would encourage the public to not only stay safe, but look after their personal belongings when they are out enjoying themselves.

Have a Safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Local News

Tollcross Sector – Beat 30 – Dalry
There were 111 crimes recorded for November and 15 youth calls.
There were 11 vehicles damaged whilst parked up and secure, the majority were parked in Duff St Lane and Northcote St. 3 cars had their tyres slashed whilst 2 had their cars scratched over the bonnet. There was a theft from a charity shop in Dalry, where a volunteer had her handbag stolen whilst working within.
2 house breakings were reported, 1 at Athol Place and 1 at Shandwick Place. Both premises had been entered by slipping the lock at the front door. A business housebreaking occurred at a hairdressers. A quantity of money and other items were stolen. Entry was gained by smashing the window. 2 other businesses were targeted, both had the front windows smashed but nothing was stolen. 4 pedal cycles were also stolen; all had been secured and were taken from the stair.

Tollcross Sector – Beat 31 – Fountainbridge
There were 79 crimes recorded for November. 7 pedal cycles were stolen, 3 were from Leamington Terrace all were left secured within common stairs. 3 domestic housebreakings were reported. 1 at Leamington Road where entry was gained by forcing the door using bodily pressure, 1 at Viewforth Sq, entry gained via the window and 1 at Yeaman Place where the front lock was chizzled out.
2 reports of Vandalism occurred, 1 at Boroughmuir where windows were smashed and 1 at Darroch Primary, which was the target of spray painting. A motorcar was broken into at Viewforth Gardens and numerous items of doctor’s equipment were stolen along with medication. If any of these items are found, disregarded near by, please hand them into the police. There were 17 reports of minor assault and a report of a robbery at Earl Grey Street where a mobile phone and cash were stolen.

Constable Goodalls surgery will resume in January, but if you wish to contact him before then please either phone or e-mail him.

Tollcross Sector – Beat 32 – Tollcross
There were 207 crimes reported in November. There were 17 motor vehicles all reported to have been damaged during the month, the majority of them had the wing mirrors kicked off or denting to the bonnet, unfortunately these crimes were committed during the night and no-one has been caught committing the crimes. 8 pedal cycles were stolen, mostly from around the University area. All had been secured. There were 17 thefts recorded from pubs/clubs. Again the most favoured items were mobile phones and purses, please don’t be complacent when going out over the festive season and look after your belongings.
5 housebreakings occurred, 2 were at Londsdale Terrace where the front door had been forced, a male has been charged for these and 1 at Reigo St. Entry was gained through an insecure ground floor window. 1 was at the Point Hotel and a male has been charged. There were 7 attempts to break into hotel rooms at the Novo Hotel and a male has been charged with this crime.
There were 11 reported cases of Vandalism, mostly around the city centre.
Youth calls were recorded at 20 last month, mostly for noise and causing a general nuisance atthe Meadows / Bruntsfield Links. The youth action team are continuing to target the area and are working along side the schools to identify trends.

Gavin Phillip – Tollcross Sector Inspector.

Useful Numbers

   And Finally...

Community Beat Officers (CBO’s)

The three Community Beat Officers for the
Tollcross Sector can be contacted on
0131 221 2008 or by e-mail as follows

Beat 30 – Dalry – PC Stuart Kettles

Beat 31 – Fountainbridge
PC John Goodall

Beat 32 – Tollcross – PC Clare Smith

Officer in Charge of Tollcross Sector
Inspector Gavin Phillip
  Constable Ian Bryce has moved on to take up his new post as the Community Beat Officer in the Dean sector.
He would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their assistance and friendship during his time working in Dalry.
He has had many successes and enjoyable moments, which the people of Dalry in particular and which the local community at large have contributed to.

Constable Stuart Kettles will be the new Dalry Community Beat Officer until the Beat Boundary changes on 1st April 2007, when Constable Jason Kemp will become the Community Beat officer for the new Dalry/Gorgie Beat.

We would all like to take this opportunity to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.