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ISSUE 36 August 2007

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide


In August, Edinburgh becomes the Festival City with thousand of performers and visitors coming to the city to participate in and enjoy our world renowned cultural and arts events. With five major festivals, Royal Visits, the Tattoo and the start of the football season, to name but a few events taking place this month, the demands on A Division officers will be significant.

In previous years we have demonstrated that we can meet the challenges of this busy period. To ensure the safety of our communities and the smooth running of these events, officers will be deployed in key areas across the city with additional support from council funded teams such as the Safer Community Units and Youth Actions Teams. Through the commitment of our staff and the support of our partners we will strive to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour during this busy period and send our visitors home with a positive image of the city.

Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics


Over recent weeks there have been a number of thefts by house breaking at the homes of the predominantly Chinese community. Most of these crimes occurred from late afternoon onwards, whilst the occupiers were out. In several of the crimes; suspicious persons have been seen near to the homes that have been broken into. The perpetrators of these crimes appear to be a small criminal group of males and females.
Please, if you see anyone acting suspiciously near to these homes; or anywhere else; as a priority phone the police giving the best description that you can of the persons or any vehicles involved.

Some simple advice

By taking a few simple steps we can make it more difficult for the thief and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Most often the housebreaker will attack the most vulnerable point of entry to a house.
So before leaving your home, even for a short time
  • Lock all doors and windows and use all the locks fitted to doors and windows
  • If you an alarm system use it – every time you leave the house
  • During the hours of darkness consider using timer switches for lights etc.
You should ensure that your home is secure at all times, even when you are at home.

Local News Beat PC48 Fountainbridge

This is the August edition of your monthly newsletter.

There were 52 crimes or offences reported during the month of July 2007.

There were five domestic Theft by Housebreaking, 2 Housebreakings with intent to steal and 1 Attempted housebreaking reported.
  • On 6th July, a ground floor flat in Leamington Road was entered by bodily pressure on the door. A small quantity of cash was stolen.
  • On 6th July, an attempt was made to force the door lock of a second floor flat in Upper Grove Place. No entry was gained.
  • On 6th July, two flats in the same stair in Bryson Road were entered by bodily pressure in the doors. A computer, jewellery and keys were stolen from one flat, and jewellery, camera, bank cards and 2 ornaments were taken from the other.
  • On 6th July, a ground floor flat in Upper Grove Place was broken into by forcing the door with a crowbar or similar instrument. Nothing was stolen.
  • Between 10th and 11th July, a third floor flat in Gardner’s Crescent was entered by bodily pressure on the door. A computer, ipod, camera and computer games were stolen.
  • On 9th July, a first floor flat in Mertoun Place was entered by bodily pressure on the door. Nothing was taken.
  • On 31st July, a third floor flat in Yeaman Place was broken into by bodily pressure on the door. A computer and rucksack were stolen.
  • There were NO business housebreakings in July.
  • NO vehicles were reported stolen this month.
There were three vehicles broken into, or had property stolen from them, during July.
  • Between 4th and 5th July, a Ford Focus in Lower Gilmore Place was broken into and a case containing £1000.00 worth of cosmetics was stolen.
  • Between 26th and 27th July, a Vauxhall Corsa in Dundee Terrace was entered and the Car radio and some CD’s were stolen.
  • Between 31st July and 1st August, a Peugeot in Grove Street was broken into and a quantity of papers and keys were stolen.
During July there were 257 incidents logged by the police in respect of Fountainbridge beat
  • 21 of the calls were graded ‘1’, i.e. emergencies,
  • 76 were graded ‘2’ , i.e. not emergencies, however should be responded to within one hour.
  • The remainder of the calls were dealt with by Community Beat Officer or patrol officers.
There were 13 youth related calls during July.
  • 8 were to the Dundee Street area, the others to the Gardner's Crescent / Morrison Street area.
  • The calls were spread throughout the month. Just over 5% of all the calls to the police were youth related.
  • This low number is due to pro-active police patrols by the Youth Action Team and Community Patrol Officers.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer (CBO)

PC John Goodall
0131 221 2008

Officer in Charge of Tollcross Sector
Inspector Alexander Boyd
0131 622 2426

0800 555 111

CLARENCE (street lighting faults etc)
0800 23 23 23

Victim Support Helpline
0845 603 9213

The Scottish Helpline for Older People
0845 125 9732

Know the Score
(Information and advice on drugs)
0800 587 5879
  All cars registered since 1996 have been fitted with immobilisers as standard, this has meant incidents of car theft have plummeted since 1997 by 51%. Despite this, according to the British Crime Survey, there were 1,731,000 vehicle crimes during 2005-06.
If you own an older car, registered before 1996, you are statistically more likely to have your vehicle stolen. You may think your oldie is not worth stealing. Think again. An old car can be worth three times its book price when stripped down for parts but more likely your vehicle would be used for joy riding, a free lift home or in commission of other crimes.

If you have any information in respect of crimes or incidents on the Fountainbridge beat, please contact me, John Goodall, by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can speak to me in person at my monthly Community Police Surgery. This gives you the opportunity to make me aware of problems on the Fountainbridge beat.
My next surgery will be on Wednesday 26th September, 2007, between 1100 and 1200 hours at the North Merchiston Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.