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ISSUE 34 June 2007

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide

Police and Council Move In Together

Seventeen police officers from the Safer Communities Department are now co-located with Council colleagues at Chesser House, Gorgie Road. The co-location is a groundbreaking opportunity to co-ordinate and improve the delivery of services to people living and working across the Capital. Officers are working side by side with Council staff on problem solving partnerships, crime prevention through design initiatives, personal safety and the reduction of antisocial behaviour. Also located at Chesser House are specialised police officers tasked with raising awareness of the misuse of drugs and safety on public transport. The principal benefits of co-location will include
  • Improved information sharing between police and Council departments
  • Greater understanding of working practices and sharing of best practice
  • Enhanced opportunities to plan joint working
Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Holiday Security Hints for Your Home

Most housebreakings happen when a flat or house is unoccupied. But, by following these simple security hints you can help make your home appear occupied and therefore more secure whilst you are out or on holiday.
  • Don’t discuss holiday plans where strangers might overhear
  • Cancel milk or paper deliveries
  • Don’t leave curtains closed during the daytime
  • Use timer switches to light up your home at night
  • Tidy your garden
  • Ask relatives or trusted neighbours to visit your home and ask them to collect mail, mow the lawn, put out bins and open and close curtains
  • Let relatives or trusted neighbours know how long you will be away for and leave details of where you can be contacted in an emergency
  • Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with relatives or purchase a small safe, which should be securely fixed within your home
  • If you are not taking your car with you, make sure car keys are hidden
Finally, make sure that you have locked all the outside doors and windows, if you have an intruder alarm; make sure it is set. You can find more detailed crime prevention advice at

Local News Beat PC48 Fountainbridge

This is the June edition of your monthly newsletter.

There were 73 crimes or offences reported during the month of May 2007.

There were six domestic housebreakings and 1 attempted housebreaking reported.
  • On 5th May, an attempt was made to enter a fourth floor flat at St Peter’s Place by climbing the scaffolding and opening the bathroom window, The culprit was disturbed and made off.
  • Between 4th and 5th May, a first floor flat in Ponton Street was entered by bodily pressure on door. Earrings were stolen. A 21 year old male was arrested and charged with this break-in.
  • Between 2nd and 19th May, a first floor flat in McNeill Street was entered by bodily pressure. A computer, camcorder, cheque and cash were stolen.
  • On 7th May, a flat in Harrison Road was entered by bodily pressure on the door. A computer, jewellery, and hi-fi were stolen.
  • On 15th May, a ground floor flat in Murdoch Terrace was entered by unknown means. A computer, camera, ipod, mobile phone, watch and jewellery were stolen.
  • On 17th May, a ground floor flat in Mertoun Place was entered by unknown means. A computer, keys, watch and jewellery were stolen.
  • On 21st May, a ground floor flat in Bryson Road was entered through an insecure window. £60 cash was stolen.
  • On 23rd May, a tile shop in Dundee Street was broken into by smashing a window. £150 cash was stolen.
Five vehicles were reported stolen in May.
  • Between 1st and 2nd May, a Triumph motor cycle was stolen from Dundee Terrace. Two youths aged 16 and 14 years have been charged.
  • Between 2nd and 3rd May, a Yamaha moped was stolen from West Bryson Road. Two youths aged 16 and 15 years have been charged.
  • On 19th May, a Honda Civic was stolen from West Bryson Road. It was later recovered in Piershill Square.
  • Between 21st and 22nd May, a black Suzuki motor cycle was stolen from Fowler Terrace. It was recovered in Yeaman Place.
  • Between 21st and 22nd May a Honda motor cycle was stolen from Granville Terrace. It was later recovered in Restalrig Square.
  • Between 21st and 22nd May, an attempt was made to steal another vehicle at Granville Terrace. It was a Honda motorcycle.
There were two thefts from motor vehicles. There were two vehicles broken into, or had property stolen from them, during May.
  • Between 5th and 6th May, an Alfa Romeo was broken into in Polwarth Gardens. A Sat Nav system was stolen from within.
  • Between 23rd and 24th May, a metal car emblem was stolen from the grille of a Volkswagen parked in Harrison Road.
There were three pedal cycles reported stolen in May.
  • These occurred at Morrison Street, Bryson Road and Dundee Terrace.
If you have any information in respect to the above incidents please contact me, John Goodall, by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can speak to me in person at my monthly Community Police Surgery. This gives you the opportunity to make me aware of problems on the Fountainbridge beat. My next surgery will be on Wednesday 4th July, 2007, between 1100 and 1200 hours at the North Merchiston Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.

During May there were 283 incidents logged by the police in respect of Fountainbridge beat. 14 of the calls were graded ‘1’, i.e. emergencies, 62 were graded ‘2’ , i.e. not emergencies, however should be responded to within one hour. The remainder of the calls were dealt with by Community Beat Officer or patrol officers.

There were 19 youth calls during May.
4 were to Gardners Crescent, 3 to Yeaman Place, and the remainder spread across the beat. Less than 6% of all the calls to the police were youth related. This low number is due to pro-active police patrols by the Youth Action Team and Community Patrol Officers.

Help us to help you.
Instances of reports about drug related crimes are rising in the area, and more people involved in this activity are being reported.

If you don’t help US, we cannot help YOU.

If you wish to speak to me my number and e-mail address are below. If you wish to contact Crimestoppers then phone 0800 555 111. You’re information will be treated as confidential, whichever method you wish to use.


Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer (CBO)

PC John Goodall
0131 221 2008

Officer in Charge of Tollcross Sector
Inspector Alexander Boyd
0131 622 2426
  The introduction of the Controlled Parking Zone in the Merchiston / Polwarth area has resulted in a reduction in the number of complaints of inconsiderate parking during the daytime. In the evenings however, drivers are continuing to double park, causing obstruction to other drivers, and emergency vehicles.

Double Parking is an Offence and local Community Beat and Patrol Officers will take action against offending drivers.