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Police Newsletter Beat PC48 Fountainbridge

A Division

Community and Neighbourhood Watch News

ISSUE 48 August 2008

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

Lothian and Borders Police ‘A’ Division are backing a new initiative launched on Tuesday 29th July that aims to reduce antisocial behaviour and alcohol related crime by encouraging Edinburgh’s off-sales premises to share information with each other.

The Safer Off-Sales Scheme aims to ensure a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy Edinburgh’s day and night time economy. Off-sales premises will be able to share information on customers they have banned from their premises. Once a member has banned an individual they will be banned from all participating premises.

I am sure this scheme will bring great benefits to the way in which we police the city of Edinburgh and hope it will encourage more responsible drinking across all ages.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Pedal cycles

Pedal cycles remain a popular mode of transport in Edinburgh, good for exercise and easy for getting around the city - very popular with bike thieves.
Bikes can cost anything between £100 and £3000, or even more. It is therefore important that you take steps to reduce the chances of your bike being stolen.
  • When purchasing your bike spend at least 10% of the value of the bike on cycle security measures; you get what you pay for.
  • “Sold Secure” is an accreditation scheme for locks. They perform a number of tests on locks, including attack tests. The award is granted according to how many tests the lock withstands, Bronze, Silver or Gold. A Gold award does not mean the lock is impenetrable; just that it withstood all that Sold Secure threw at it in the allocated time.
  • Many cheaper locks may look the part, but you can guarantee cycle thieves know what they are about.
  • Home or away; lock your bike to something immovable or solid, no matter how short the period you are leaving your bike for. Even if the bike is visible from where you are, lock it –a person cycling away is usually faster than the person running after them.
  • Easily removed components such as lights, computers, saddles etc – take them with you and secure ‘quick release’ wheels.
For further bike security information visit

Local News Beat PC48 Fountainbridge

The incidents in this newsletter reflect events, which occurred in July 2008.


There were 2 domestic Theft by Housebreakings reported during the month.
  • Between the 13th and 16th a flat in Watson Crescent was broken into but no entry was gained and nothing was stolen from within.
  • On the 22nd an attempt was made to break into a flat in St Peter’s Place but no entry was gained and nothing was stolen from within.
  • Between the 5th and the 7th a building site in Tay Street was broken into. Building materials and equipment to a value in excess of £40,000 were stolen.
  • On the 5th an MP3 Player was stolen from within a vehicle parked in Gardner’s Crescent.
  • On the 6th a Sat Nav was stolen from within a vehicle parked at Rosemount Buildings.
  • Between the 6th and 7th a vehicles’ parked in Yeaman Place, Tay Street, Mertoun Place and West Bryson Road had windows smashed but no items were stolen from within.
  • On the 12th a vehicle parked in Yeaman Place was badly damaged when the paintwork was scratched on three sides of the vehicle.
  • On the 16th a number of items were stolen from within a vehicle parked at Rosebank Cottages.
  • Between the 7th and 29th bicycles were stolen from stairwells in Chalmers Buildings, Dundee Terrace and Bryson Road.

There were 8 youth calls received during July
  • The calls were received from throughout the area.
  • The problems are mostly in the evening and spread throughout the month. The Neighbourhood Action Unit and Community Patrol Officers will actively patrol the problem areas.

During July there were 302 incidents logged by the police in respect of Fountainbridge beat.
  • 26 of the calls were graded ‘1’, i.e. emergencies,
  • 108 were graded ‘2’, i.e. not emergencies, however should be responded to within one hour.
  • The remainder of the calls were dealt with by Community Beat Officer or patrol officers.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer (CBO)

PC Julie Cochrane
0131 221 2008

Acting Sergeant Steven Riddell
0131 221 2008

Inspector Andrew Gilhooley
0131 622 2426

0800 555 111

CLARENCE (street lighting faults etc)
0800 23 23 23

Victim Support Helpline
0845 603 9213

The Scottish Helpline for Older Persons
0845 125 9732

Know the Score
(Information and advice on drugs)
0800 587 5879
  Parking complaints in the Bryson Road, Watson Crescent and Yeaman Place areas have been brought to my attention again and can I take this opportunity in reminding people that parking across a pavement is an offence.

Pavements cannot support vehicle weights and there is often gas and water pipes beneath the tarmac and thus are in danger of fracturing.

Elderly people, pram users and disabled buggy users cannot negotiate the pavements easily when there is an assault course of vehicles to negotiate.

Laziness is the biggest problem with selfish car users not willing to walk any distance from car to house.

In the event of an emergency, careless parking could cost lives if the services cannot get through a congested street. Please bear this in mind and park legally and courteously.