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Community and Neighbourhood Watch News

ISSUE 42 February 2008

'Working in Partnership for a Safer City'

City Wide


On the 11th January 2008 the Safer Community Units and Youth Action Teams were joined together to form Neighbourhood Action Units. This followed a detailed review of the work of the teams by Lothian and Borders Police and the City of Edinburgh Council.

In order to provide the best service to you the Neighbourhood Action Units will be based in 6 Neighbourhood Areas across Edinburgh and will be on duty 7 days a week. They will work with you to identify the people and problems that are affecting the quality of life in your community. They will work with you in the communities to tackle these problems and make Edinburgh an even safer city to live in and visit.

Your Neighbourhood Action Unit will carry out daily patrols and will be responsible for dealing with ongoing local issues. You can contact them directly for advice and information. If you require more urgent assistance you should continue to call the Force Communication Centre on 0131 311 3131 or ‘999’ in an emergency.

Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Handbag Theft

During the month of January thieves targeted the handbags of elderly women shopping within supermarkets.

In many of these cases the victims had left their handbags unattended in the shopping trolley whilst they were selecting goods to buy.

In four of these cases no suspect was seen however in a further three instances the victims were distracted by the suspect, only to discover the theft when attempting to pay for goods.

The description given is of a white male, 17-18 years who spoke with ‘east European’ accent.

We will be working closely with the main supermarkets to encourage store staff to be more active in preventing such crimes.

We take this opportunity to remind shoppers to be vigilant and make sure your handbag is properly closed, do not leave it unattended and be aware of strangers distracting your attention.

In one instance a stolen bank card was successfully used to take money from an ATM. Please remember not to write the PIN number for your bank cards down and when obtaining money or paying for goods do not let others see you enter your PIN.

Local News Beat PC48 Fountainbridge

There were 43 crimes or offences reported during the month of January 2008.

There were 2 domestic Theft by Housebreakings reported during the month.
  • On 2nd January, a second floor flat in Dundee Terrace was broken into. A camera and cash were stolen.
  • Between 27th December and 6th January, a first floor flat in Polwarth Crescent was entered. The premises were searched. Nothing was apparently stolen.
There were two Business Theft by Housebreakings reported during January.
  • Between 3rd and 4th January, the shop premises at 153 – 155 Dundee Street was broken into.
    Blank DVD’s, CD’s and video tapes were stolen along with lighters and gas.
  • On 26th January, the barber shop at 54 Grove Street was broken into. An electric razor was stolen.
  • NO vehicles were reported stolen during January.
  • Between 7th and 8th January, three vehicles (Ford Ka, London Taxi, and Citroën Saxo) in Lower Gilmore Place, were broken into. A Sat Nav was stolen from one vehicle, CD’s and speakers from another; Nothing was apparently stolen from the third.
  • Between 13th and 14th January, a Vauxhall Corsa in Temple Park Crescent was broken into. Nothing was stolen.
  • Between 12th and 14th January, a car radio was stolen from a Citroën Saxo in Lower Gilmore Place.
  • There was one pedal cycle reported stolen in January. It was removed from a stair in Dundee Terrace.
  • About 2130 hours on Sunday 20th January, a 26 year old male was walking in Dundee Street when he was assaulted and robbed by three males aged 17-19 years. His wallet ,cash, and mobile phone were stolen.
There were 7 youth related calls received during January.
  • Three of the calls were to Gardner’s Crescent (same incident). The others were to Fountainbridge, Dorset Place, Watson Crescent and Dundee Street.
  • The calls were spread throughout the month.
  • The problem areas will be actively patrolled by the Neighbourhood Action Unit and Community Patrol Officers.
During January there were 230 incidents logged by the police in respect of Fountainbridge beat.
  • 15 of the calls were graded ‘1’, i.e. emergencies,
  • 56 were graded ‘2’ , i.e. not emergencies, however should be responded to within one hour.
  • The remainder of the calls were dealt with by Community Beat Officer or patrol officers.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer (CBO)

PC John Goodall
0131 221 2008

Officer in Charge of Tollcross Sector
Inspector Andrew Gilhooley
0131 622 2426

0800 555 111

CLARENCE (street lighting faults etc)
0800 23 23 23

Victim Support Helpline
0845 603 9213

The Scottish Helpline for Older People
0845 125 9732

Know the Score
(Information and advice on drugs)
0800 587 5879

Thefts of Pedal Cycles persist.

I am surprised that owners of expensive pedal cycles, some costing several hundreds of pounds, continued to leave them unattended in communal stairs, chained to the railings. Most security locks are easily overcome by hacksaw or bolt-cutters.
If the lock is too strong, the thieves have been known to break the railings to free the cycle and leaving behind costly damage.

While I appreciate that cycles can be wet and mucky at this time of year, I would advise owners of cycles to take them into their flats to prevent them being stolen.

If you have any information in respect of crimes or incidents on the Fountainbridge beat, please contact me, John Goodall, by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can speak to me in person at my monthly Community Police Surgery. This gives you the opportunity to make me aware of problems on the Fountainbridge beat.
My next surgery will be on Wednesday 19th March, 2008, between 1100 and 1200 hours at the North Merchiston Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh.