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A Division News July 2011

'with you for you'

  Divisional Commanders Message

This month the round of national events has continued with the State Opening of Parliament and Royal Week passing successfully and building on the positive outcome of the Armed Forces’ Weekend.

As welcome crowds of visitors enjoy our beautiful city ‘A’ Division’s police officers and staff continue to work hard to ensure their safety. This is reflected in the performance figures for last month, with the detection rate for serious assault increasing by 3% while the rate for assault and robbery detections also rose by a very encouraging 11%. Close work with licensed premises and the City of Edinburgh Council continues to ensure that the city centre is an increasingly safe place to socialise.

The Division continues to prioritise its focus on protecting local communities too, ensuring that the summer events in no way detract from neighbourhood initiatives and policing. Again, as we strive to prevent and reduce crime in local areas June’s crime statistics illustrate some considerable success in this regard, with a 19% increase in detection of housebreakings – and most importantly a 15% drop in the number of recorded break-ins.

The committed work by our Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Intelligence Unit (to predict and prevent offences), Housebreaking Units (to catch offenders) and Search and Recovery Team (to recover stolen goods) continues to pay dividends.

The next month will see the city engaged in the customary Festival and Tattoo commitments, with Divisional officers providing support to the public, organisers and our partner agencies throughout.

Recent reports in national newspapers have highlighted the unique economic and cultural benefits of these events for Edinburgh and Scotland, and the Division remains committed to ensuring these diverse and rewarding additions to the city’s calendar pass in a peaceful, productive and enjoyable fashion.

Chief Superintendent Gill Imery, 'A' Divisional Commander.

Summer “Slip In” Thefts

At this time of year we regularly notice a rise in the number of “Slip In” thefts. These are committed in a number of ways; the most common being when you are in the garden and the thief slips into your house through an insecure doors or windows. Remember, it only takes a second to slip in and steal cash, credit cards, jewellery, laptops, other digital devices or even your car.

If you are in your back garden, make sure that your front door is locked and secured, not just on the Yale lock as these are easy to overcome.

Similarly if you have a conservatory or patio doors at the rear of your home it is important to secure them to prevent anyone slipping in whilst you’re working in your garden. In the rare event that we experience a particularly warm and pleasant summer, do not be tempted to leave your windows open when you’re out of the house. Open windows can be an invitation to thieves.

Always keep your car keys safe. Modern cars are virtually impossible to steal without the true key so don’t leave them lying around in vulnerable areas. Keep your keys with you or secure them in a safe place, not on a key hook or near the front door where they could be “fi shed” through the letterbox.

  Local Operation and Initiatives

Fountainbridge is a vibrant and exciting area and it is well positioned for the city centre. Most of the area is housed by tenement buildings and a good number of the occupiers of these tenements prefer to use cycle power to get themselves around. The area also houses a number of students who own and use bikes to get to the local universities. Unfortunately bike crime is a popular way for thieves to make money especially in the summer months. Opportunist thieves will target insecure stairs and steal bikes that are poorly secured. Operation Cello has been set up to investigate the theft of stolen bikes and also to try to identify bikes that have been recovered to re-unite them with their owners. It is still early days, however to date this operation is proving a huge success with criminals literally being stopped in their tracks. Not only have officers arrested a number of persons involved, they have also recovered a number of bikes that have been returned to their owners. If you do own a bike please make sure that if it’s kept in a stair that it is very well secured, make sure also that you have a secure lock on your stair door and that the door is always closed. Note full details of your bike, make, model, colour, any distinguishing marks and serial numbers, maybe even take a picture of it. If unfortunately it does go missing you can then furnish the police with full details which will assist in recovering your property.

Due to the high price which is being paid for copper and other metals and due to the current economic climate, the theft of metals is now a target for thieves (national press coverage states “totals in excess of £770million in the past 12 months”) Vulnerable buildings appear to be older properties, churches, educational facilities, business premises.

Safer Neighbourhood offi cers have been visiting these types of premises, passing out information and providing advice regarding these types of thefts. Operation Adamant has been set up to investigate the theft of stolen metals. Within the Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart area older style buildings are commonplace. Unfortunately a couple of churches have already been targeted. The very nature of these crimes demand that the culprits must have the ability to travel by vehicle due to the weight and volume of the metals stolen and the proximity of the locus of thefts in comparison to the potential disposal sites. We are working closely with other agencies to make sure that this is a success as the cost of such crimes is not restricted to the value of the metals stolen but also the cost of repairs to the secondary damage caused to the structure of the premises having been stripped of their metals. If you see anything which appears to be suspicious do not hesitate to call the police with information or call crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be passed anonymously.

  Appeal for information

Tagging is deliberately or recklessly destroying or damaging someone else’s home or vehicle by marking the property normally with spray paint. This can cause an enormous amount of distress and inconvenience for those affected. Graffiti tagging is vandalism and is a criminal offence taken seriously by the police and council. Over the last couple of weeks new instances of graffiti have occurred in the Fountainbridge area. Vandals have spray painted a number of doorways with red paint, however the ‘Tagging’ design is unclear. We always rely on the public to let us know what is happening in the area and report suspicious activity.

Local Priorities

The South West CSSG meeting took place on Monday 27th June 2011. A number of representatives from the local community were present and the new priorities were set as follows

  1. Tackle littering by campers at Craiglockhart Hill and Craiglockhart Dell
  2. Tackle antisocial behaviour at Gardeners Crescent and surrounding areas
  3. Tackle dog fouling at Harrison Park and Allan Park Bridge

Safer Neighbourhood officers will again be working in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council Environmental Wardens to tackle these problems. We will be conducting joint patrols in each of these areas throughout the next three months. We have already started our patrols in the Gardeners Crescent, Port Hamilton areas and have obtained details of a number of youths.

Dog wardens and environmental wardens will be in place to tackle dog fouling and litter problems and we will also team up with them and are available to speak to you regarding advice on these issues.

Hit the High Note

Police and Council officers in Edinburgh are encouraging considerate busking in the city centre this summer with a new educational campaign. ‘Hit the Right Note’ provides useful advice to the buskers that come to Edinburgh to perform throughout the Edinburgh festivals and into the Autumn.

Lothian and Borders police, alongside the City of Edinburgh Council, are keen to encourage busking while providing some guidance on how to avoid noise complaints from local residents and business workers, who are often disturbed as a result. The campaign was developed when local residents highlighted the issue at Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings, where local priorities are identified for the police and council to work on.

Officers will be handing out credit card sized guidance cards to performers, and guidance on legal issues around busking will be available on both the police and council websites for anyone to access.

Inspector Dianne Bruce, who oversees the city centre policing team, said “entertainers such as buskers add real value to the atmosphere of Edinburgh City Centre, and are fantastic for furthering Edinburgh’s tourism industry.

We know, however, that it can sometimes be a different story for the local residents and business workers who can be disturbed by noise and crowds gathering.

We came up with the idea to provide this guidance so that residents and workers can have a peaceful atmosphere, while still preserving Edinburgh’s tradition as a hub for fantastic entertainment.”

  A Division

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