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A Division News November 2011

'with you for you'

  Divisional Commanders Message

Meeting the needs of local communities, being accountable to them and working with them is fundamentally what much of policing is about. None of this will change when we move to a single national police force in 2013.
All my officers, but in particular our safer neighbourhood officers, work hard to ensure that you know who they are, and what they are doing to tackle crime in and around your area.
This newsletter forms an important part of communicating what we are doing, but this month I thought I should draw your attention to other ways in which you can see what your local police are concentrating on.
Those with Internet access can see a breakdown of crimes and offences, by council ward, under the view statistics button on the “My Neighbourhood” area of our Website, the crime statistics are updated monthly.
For fans of ‘Twitter’ you may also find the Lothian and Borders twitter feed useful. Not only will you be kept up-to-date with ongoing operations and initiatives, but if we experience severe winter weather you’ll be able to see minute by minute updates on travel advice and other weather relating items.
I would also encourage you to attend your local community priorities setting meeting, to speak with local officers and tell them what you wish them to concentrate on. For those not able to do this, speak to, call or email your local Safer Neighbourhood Team and let them know the issues that affect you.
By telling us what we need to concentrate on, we can all work together to ensure Edinburgh remains a safe and enjoyable place to work, visit and live.

Chief Superintendent Gill Imery, 'A' Divisional Commander.

Cheers without Tears

With Christmas fast approaching, Lothian and Borders Police would like remind all drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving. As we know, the festive period may provide more opportunities for parties and celebrations and whilst we want everyone to have a good time, it’s important to keep in mind the safety of all road users.
The yearly campaigns have gone a long way to educating the public about alcohol units, legal drink/drive limits and the tragic consequences of accidents involving drunk drivers. However statistics still show that an unacceptable number of drivers will gamble with the safety of others and drive under the influence. If caught, this would result in a court conviction, a driving ban of at least 12 months, an endorsement of your licence for 11 years and a criminal record. For a second offence, under the forfeiture scheme, you could lose your car!
It is worth remembering that many factors come into play on how alcohol affects people and even the smallest amount will impair your driving.
To ensure a trouble free festive period, consider the following advice:

  • Plan your transport home from Christmas lunches or nights out i.e. taxi, bus or lift from a designated driver
  • Be aware you may still be unfit to drive the following morning; have a contingency plan for getting to work
  • Never accept a lift from a drunk driver

  Local Operation and initiatives

Harrison Park is a lovely park area that runs adjacent to the canal and is on both sides of Harrison Road. This is an area that is frequented by dog walkers, parents and children and various sports groups. The park is surrounded by residential properties. Unfortunately, over the past couple of months the park has been an area that has attracted various types of antisocial behaviour ranging from under-age drinking, vandalism, littering, and general disturbances.
Numerous calls have been made to Lothian and Borders Police with regards to this behaviour and an Operation was set up to tackle the issues surrounding the park. Officers undertook regular patrols of the area speaking to various people regarding the issues. Over certain weekends joint patrols were conducted and details were noted of various groups of youths who were hanging around in the park in the late evenings. The majority of the youths who were in the park were not from the local area. Details of the youths were passed to the Council anti-social behaviour teams.
Lothian and Borders Police and a Council Officer then made joint visits to the home addresses of the youths and they were spoken to in front of their parents. This is a proven method that educates youths into the upset that their actions can inflict on local residents. This has greatly reduced the number of antisocial behaviour calls in the local area.

As part of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams commitment to communities we have been holding regular ‘Street Surgeries’ along with the City of Edinburgh Council Environmental Wardens and Community Safety Teams. The purpose of these surgeries is to give the public an opportunity to speak to a police officer and council member regarding their concerns. The attendance at these events has been mixed and we encourage you to attend a future surgery to meet your local officers and to raise any concerns you may have.
Issues raised so far have included complaints about noise, dog fouling, drug dealing, drunken behaviour, youth disorder, road disrepair, parking complaints and many more. In a lot of cases we can provide advice and look at ways of taking action and even when we cannot be of help we can usually point you in the right direction of someone who can.
The next two surgeries will be Wednesday 21st December 2011 - 10am to 12pm Tesco, 10 Colinton Mains Drive, Oxgangs and Thursday 12th January 2012 - 7-9pm Tollcross Community Centre, 117 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.
We have also held several surgeries in ASDA Chesser and are looking to secure further dates.
Please look out for our advertisement posters on community noticeboards in your area or on the Lothian and Borders force website for future events.

  Appeal for information

During the month of November there have been numerous calls to the property of Redhall House on Redhall House Drive.
These calls are relating to vandalism, theft, fly tipping and fire raising.
Crime reports have been noted for these incidents and are currently being investigated.
Also there has been a series of vandalisms and thefts to motor vehicles in and around the Hutchison area. Again, crime reports have been noted for these incidents and are currently being investigated. If you have any information with regards to either the incidents at Redhall House or the vehicle crimes or you witnessed anything suspicious around these areas please do not hesitate to contact Lothian & Borders Police on 0131 311 3131 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Local Priorities

The 3 local priorities set for the Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart area at the last South West CSSG meeting are:

  • Address motor vehicle vandalism in and around Ashley Drive
  • Tackle, parking problems around The Colonies, Shandon.
  • Prevent antisocial behaviour and vandalism around Tollcross Community Centre.

Safer Neighbourhood officers will again be working in partnership with city of Edinburgh Council Environmental Wardens to tackle these problems. We have started our patrols in and around the Tollcross Community Centre areas and have obtained details of a number of youths.
Regular patrols have been conducted in Ashley drive and the surrounding areas. There have been meetings with the Council, Police & Fire Service to try and resolve The Colonies parking issues.
Lothian & Borders Police Traffic Wardens have been patrolling the area and a number of vehicles have been removed with others having warning letters attached to their windscreens advising of inconsiderate parking.

Ready for Winter?

The last weekend in October saw the launch of the ACPOS Road Policing National Winter Safety Campaign, with a main focus on general vehicle roadworthiness and driver education. Hazardous conditions soon show up deficiencies in car maintenance or driver skills. By taking a few preventative measures, drivers can minimise road risk and complete their journey safely.

Vehicle preparations

  • Have your vehicle serviced before the winter
  • Pay particular attention to lights, clear windows and mirrors, battery, antifreeze and washer additives, wiper blades and tyres.
  • Journey preparations
  • Consider if the journey is absolutely necessary
  • Remember the diff erences between urban and rural conditions
  • Check local/national weather forecasts
  • Keep emergency equipment in your vehicle
  • Notify someone of your route and the estimated arrival time
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions / Minimising risk
  • Keep windows clear by allowing good ventilation
  • Avoid severe steering/braking/acceleration
  • Maintain good observation skills
  • Adapt your driving to the weather conditions
  • Keep in mind increased stopping distances

In the event of a breakdown

  • Ensure that your vehicle will not block access (abandoned vehicles can obstruct spreaders)
  • If possible remain in your vehicle unless there is a safety risk
  • Use the engine to keep warm unless the exhaust cannot vent

  A Division

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