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Community Beat Officer's Report

Reported Crime Figures for July 2005

Tollcross, Lothian Road, Fountainbridge, Bruntsfield and Grassmarket

Fountainbridge Beat CT31 Tollcross Beat CT32
A total of 72 crimes or offences were recorded in the month of July for the Fountainbridge area.

Thefts from licensed premises is very low this month, as is Theft by Shoplifting.

There were 12 assaults reported, mostly relating to domestic situations.

In relation to domestic housebreakings, there were two such reports this month.

Here are the crime figures for June 2005.
A total of 239 crimes or offences were recorded in the month of July for the Tollcross area.

As in previous months a large number of crimes are Thefts from within licensed premises with persons leaving property unattended. There were also a large number of thefts reported in the Meadows area during the period of the G8 Summit.

There were 30 reports of assault, eight of which were solved.

There were 6 domestic housebreakings and 1 business housebreaking reported during July.
Theft Housebreaking Theft Housebreaking
There were two housebreakings or attempted housebreakings to domestic premises during July.

A flat in St Peters Buildings was broken into and property stolen, and a flat in Watson Crescent was entered but nothing was apparently stolen.

There were no business housebreakings in July.
6 Domestic (Buccleuch Street (2),
Johnston Terrace (2), West Port, and Cowgatehead).

Persons have been charged in relation to the Johnston Terrace break-ins and one in Buccleuch Street.

There was one business housebreaking in Castle Terrace.
Theft Others Theft Others
7 in total
2 from or on licensed premises
2 from or on business premises
3 domestic incidents or on the street.
91 in total
35 from or on licensed premises
24 from or on business premises
32 from domestic premises or on the street.
Theft from Motor Vehicles Theft from Motor Vehicles
Only 1 this month.

A Peugeot was broken into in Leamington Terrace and radio/CD player stolen.
There were five vehicles broken into during July, as follows:
Ford van - Drumdryan Street, VW Polo – Castle Terrace, Vauxhall Astra – Castle Terrace, NCP car park, Mercedes – Johnston Terrace & Ford Mondeo – Kings Stables Lane.
Theft Motor Vehicles Theft Motor Vehicles
There was only one vehicle stolen during July, a Rover motor car from Gillespie Crescent. There were no vehicles stolen during July.
Theft Pedal Cycle Theft Pedal Cycle
Pedal cycle thefts continue.

There were 2 such reports in July. (Bryson Road and Leamington Terrace: both were left insecure).
Thefts of pedal cycles continue to be a problem in the Tollcross area.

There were 6 in total, these occurring at George Square, Meadows East swing park, Forrest Road, Brougham Street, Brougham Place and Drumdryan Street. All but one had the security chain / lock overcome.
Malicious Damage Malicious Damage
12 in total
1 on business premises
None on licensed premises
6 on domestic premises
5 to motor vehicles
(Bryson Road, Hailes Street (2), Gilmore Park and Tay Street)
22 in total
3 to licensed premises
6 to business premises
4 to domestic premises
9 to motor vehicles, in Grassmarket (2), Lady Lawson St,
Chalmers Street, Castle Terrace (NCP), Lauriston Gardens, Websters Land, Brougham Street and George Square Lane.
Assault Assault
12 in total None on business premises 1 on licensed premises 11 on domestic premises or on the street. 30 in total 4 on licensed premises 2 on business premises 24 on domestic premises or on the street
Racially Motivated Crime Racially Motivated Crime
There was one racially motivated crime reported during July.

A young male shouted racial abuse at another male in Leven Street. Report being sent to the Children’s Reporter.
There were two racially motivated crime reported during July.

Both were relating to the shouting of racial abuse. One occurred at the chip shop in Bread Street and the other in Lothian Road.
Persons have been charged in relation to both of these incidents and reports submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

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