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ISSUE 44 April 2008

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

As I approach my retirement, I realise I have enjoyed every minute of my service and over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people both within and outwith the force. I am particularly proud of the achievements in the past 18 months as Divisional Commander for Edinburgh. In the past year 3,200 fewer crimes have been committed across the city. That is 60 fewer crimes committed each week. This coupled with a solvency rate of 42% is a legacy of which I can be proud. This could never have been achieved without the dedication and hard work of front line and community officers and staff, along with those working in specialist units.

I have seen partnership working across the city continue to develop to a position where we are now the envy of police forces across the country. The relationship we have with the City of Edinburgh Council and other agencies places us in a unique position where we can work together for the benefit of the people of Edinburgh and its visitors.

I am delighted that Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell will take on the role of Divisional Commander for A Division. I have known and worked closely with Colin for 27 years and I know he will continue to drive business forward with our partners and continue to support police officers and staff across the division as they face the ever increasing demands that will be placed upon them. I wish Colin and A Division all the best for the future.

Chief Superintendent George Simpson, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Car Park Security

Now the lighter evenings are with us and, hopefully, warmer weekends many of us will be making the most of it and going for walks in the Edinburgh parks and surrounding countryside and beaches.

A word of caution however if you are going by car. Car parks in these outlying areas usually do not have the security offered by lighting, security staff or even passing drivers/walkers. Thieves who steal from cars are always looking for easy opportunities to steal when they are least likely to be seen and so take advantage of this.
There is a lot you can do to protect your car and property.
  • Make sure you have closed all your windows and sunroof and locked all the doors
  • If your car has an alarm, use it.
  • Never leave driving documents in your car.
  • Don’t leave anything on display in your car.
  • Take all your valuables with you when leaving the car or take them out and leave them at home before your journey. If you must leave valuables, lock them out of sight in the boot and disable any bluetooth.
  • If you have a Satellite Navigation, always take it with you when leaving your car and remove any suction marks on the windscreen
The following devices will enhance the security of your car and help to put off car thieves: Steering lock, Alarm, Immobiliser and Locking wheel nuts.

More information on a range of these products is available on

Local News

Beat SM46

This is the April edition of your monthly newsletter, reviewing the results of crime trends in respect of your ward during March.

During March, 75 crimes were reported in your ward (compare with 75 reported during February and 45 in January).

During March there were 9 house-breakings in the area (including one attempt), representing a slight increase from the preceding month. Six of these properties were business premises. The break-ins occurred at:

Glen Street, Marchmont Road (2), Marchmont Street, Roseneath Street, Warrender Park Road, Warrender Park Terrace.

I am pleased to say that 7 of the 9 break-ins have been solved and the accused persons have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Two of the break-ins were to hairdressing salons, reflecting a city-wide trend in which hairdressers have recently been targetted. It seems they are being seen as ‘soft targets’, due to cash and expensive hair straighteners sometimes being kept on the premises.

In view of this, all local hairdressers and similar small businesses were visited by myself during March and given crime prevention advice.

There was a slight rise in motor vehicle theft in the area during March, with 7 thefts being reported to Police (including 3 attempts), at the following locations:

Leven Terrace, Panmure Place, Strathearn Road (2), Warrender Park Road (2), Warrender Park Terrace.

Five of the 7 thefts have been solved and the persons responsible have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Vandalism to vehicles remains infrequent but persistent in the area, with 4 cases being reported during March at the following locations:

Lauderdale Street, Marchmont Crescent, Spottiswoode Road, Warrender Park Terrace.

One vehicle was also broken into on Warrender Park Road.

Unfortunately these crimes remain unsolved, having occurred at night-time on various dates with no witnesses. To try and prevent your vehicle from being vandalised or broken into, avoid leaving items on display (especially satellite navigation systems) and where possible park in well-lit areas which are overlooked by residential buildings, not screened from view by hedges, walls or other objects. Call Police if you see or hear anybody acting suspiciously around parked vehicles, particularly at night.

Five pedal cycles were stolen from our area during March at the following locations:

Drumdryan Street, Marchmont Road, Warrender Park Terrace (3).

Unfortunately these thefts remain unsolved. I have offered crime prevention advice in relation to this in previous newsletters. We have also run educational campaigns via Police leaflets and stalls, and undertaken plain clothes initiatives in your area recently in an attempt to counter this. However, I am pleased to say that during April we managed to catch a few individuals stealing bicycles – see my next newsletter for more information about this!

There were 13 assaults reported in the area during March. These were all categorised as ‘minor’ in nature in terms of injury incurred. Five of these have been solved with the perpetrators being reported to the Procurator Fiscal. They include incidents at a variety of types of premises at the following locations:

Alvanley Terrace (2), Barclay Terrace, Brougham Street, Drumdryan Street, Home Street, Lauriston Place, Leven Street, Tarvit Street, The Meadows (4), Warrender Park Road.

Some of you may have read in the local news about a robbery which took place at Scotmid grocery shop on Warrender Park Road on the 13th of March, during which a male entered the shop, threatened staff with violence, and demanded money from the till and the safe, before making off from the scene with £450, using a stolen vehicle. On the 20th of March the male responsible for this was found in Fife and arrested. He had committed 12 robberies and 2 vehicle thefts at various locations across Edinburgh on a 12-day crime spree during March, and was accordingly charged by Police for these offences.

No drug-related incidents were detected or reported in the area during March. As specified in my previous newsletter, we are not complacent about the low drugs statistics in your ward and are keen to hear from you if you have any information to offer us about local drug-use or drug-dealing. Either contact me directly using the contact details provided on the back page of this newsletter, or if you wish to remain entirely anonymous, you can phone the ‘Crimestoppers’ number on 0800 555 111 to report your suspicions. As well as our local uniformed officers, we have a Divisional Drugs Unit within Lothian & Borders Police who monitor and act on drugs intelligence received.

The level of vandalism remains low but consistent in the area, with 8 vandalisms being reported during March (including one case of graffiti).

In one incident, front door locks were vandalised by having glue applied to them at businesses in the new Quartermile site at the top of Middle Meadow Walk. If you have any information to offer Police about this, we would be happy to hear from you.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont
PC 5801A Lindsey Thomson

Inspector Richard Horan

Force Communications Centre
(For reporting non-emergency crimes or other disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Youth Action Team
Carolyn McGhee
Tel: 0131 529 5151
  A bogus charity collector was reportedly visiting businesses in the Tollcross area on the 19th of March. The male suspect approached staff to request donations for a fun run, which he stated the local Tollcross Fire and Rescue Team were running. He even presented members of the public with a business card. Further enquiry with the local Fire Station revealed that none of their crew or staff were undertaking such an endeavour. The suspect was aged 40 to 45 years old, tall, of stocky build with a tanned complexion. He wore glasses and had receding, short, dark hair swept back. He was dressed in a dark grey suit. Please contact me if you have any other information to offer about this bogus caller, or indeed any other such fraudsters.

As I write this, we have had a small spate of house-breakings in the Southside over the last couple of days. The weather is becoming warmer, but please do not neglect basic home security – if you are going out, avoid leaving windows open, particularly if these are at ground level. Where scaffolding is erected around a building, be mindful that access can also be gained to windows via this.

Be safe!

PC 5801A Lindsey Thomson
Community Beat Officer
Beat SM46 Marchmont & the Meadows