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ISSUE 50 October 2008

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

October marks the 6-month point since the establishment of the Neighbourhood Action Units (NAUs). I have watched as each of our teams has developed and embraced the partnership working opportunities afforded and how they have worked hard to combat anti-social behaviour in our communities across Edinburgh. I am glad to note that our Council partners have also recognised the good work undertaken to date and have publicly commended the teams in the media.

As expected we have faced a number of challenges that come with partnership working however it is clear from the work of the NAUs that the benefits are very evident and that we, and the people we serve, are starting to realise them.

We will ensure that the NAUs continue to bring great benefits to the way in which we police the City of Edinburgh.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Fireworks and Bonfire Safety

This year, as in previous years, the weeks surrounding the 5th of November will place considerable demands on the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, local health services and council services across the city. Many people are needlessly injured and a great deal of nuisance is caused to the public due to the misuseof fireworks and the irresponsible building of bonfires.

Bonfires are often constructed in inappropriate places, near to people’s homes or businesses or built to such a size that they present a danger to life and property. The supply of fireworks to youths under 18 years is not only illegal but can also lead to dangerous incidents.

Lothian and Borders Police are working closely with our partners within the Fire and Rescue Service, council services and local health services within our local communities to reduce the potential dangers to the public by:
  • removing any unauthorised bonfires that pose a threat to life or property
  • educating children and young persons about the dangers of fireworks
  • ensuring the retailers involved in the sale of fireworks act responsibly
  • identifying individuals involved in the misuse or illegal sale and supply of fireworks
By working closely with partner agencies and local communities Lothian and Borders Police aim to ensure that the people of Edinburgh can enjoy the 5th of November festivities safely.

Local News

Beat SM46

This is the October edition of your monthly newsletter, reviewing the results of crime trends during September in respect of your ward.

In September 86 crimes were reported in your ward, representing a slight increase from the monthly average.

During September 6 housebreakings were committed in the SM46 beat. Comparing this with 2 committed in August , 4 in June and 4 in July this year, the September figure is slightly above the monthly average for 2008, but remains significantly lower than at this time last year. The break-ins during September occurred at the following locations:
  • Leven Street
  • Marchmont Crescent (business premises)
  • Meadow Place (business premises)
  • Roseneath Street (business premises)
  • Roseneath Terrace
  • Warrender Park Road
As you can see, three of the break-ins were to business premises. One of these break-ins was to a hairdresser – it has been solved and was committed by 2 young males who had also stolen 2 vehicles from the locality on the same evening.

A further incident, known as a ‘slip-in’ theft, occurred in Panmure Place, where a suspect entered a house through an open back door, and stole a handbag containing cash and bank cards. This is a useful opportunity to remind you to remain aware of security when you are athome, as well as when you leave your house. There are opportunists around who may strike if they see an open door and a handbag sitting there unattended.

Three vehicles were stolen from the area during September (one less than in the preceding month), from the following locations:
  • Lauderdale Street
  • Spottiswoode Street
  • Warrender Park Terrace
We have been able to solve 2 of these, which were connected to a break-in to a local hairdresser, as mentioned above.

Four vehicles were broken into during September (compare with 2 during August and 3 in July). In September, the break-ins occurred at:
  • Lauderdale Street
  • Lauriston Gardens (2)
  • Warrender Park Road
We have already solved one of break-ins, in which a van was broken into and an expensive mountain bike stolen from within. We have recovered the stolen bike and reported the 3 young males to the Procurator Fiscal, for this crime as well as for many other linked break-ins and thefts committed by them around the same date in Edinburgh.

As I requested in my last newsletter, please do be vigilant during the dark winter evenings for any suspicious activity around vehicles, note down the registration mark of any vehicle the suspects are in, and report your suspicions at the time to Police. We know that in some recent cases, the suspects have arrived at the scene using another stolen vehicle, sometimes a van, and they place this vehicle in such a way as to assist with screening their actions from view in relation to the surrounding buildings and to any potential onlookers.

In September, as in August, 5 vehicles in our area were vandalised. These incidents occurred at:
  • Alvanley Terrace
  • Chalmers Street
  • Panmure Place
  • Tarvit Street (2)
The damage included smashed windows and, in 2 cases, damage to a wing mirror and scratched bodywork. These vandalisms all occurred on different dates and there is no particular pattern or motive known with regard to these.

In September 8 pedal cycles were stolen from SM46 beat. The thefts occurred at:
  • Alvanley Terrace
  • Brougham Street
  • Marchmont Crescent
  • Simpson Loan
  • Strathearn Road (2)
  • Valleyfield Street
  • Warrender Park Road
This figure is about average, as 6 were stolen in August, and 8 were stolen in July. However, we are not being complacent about these figures remaining steady, and are constantly striving to better educate our local bicycle owners about how to provide better security for their bicycles, and we have particularly targetted some of the new intake of students in our recent attempts to provide such crime prevention advice.

Seven drugs-related offences were reported in the area during September. This occurred as a result of the discovery of a cannabis plantation inside a local address. The occupant has since been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for these offences.

I would like to encourage you to contact me with any information or suspicions you may have about drug abuse or drug dealing in the local area. You could either contact me by phone or email (see back page for details) and, if desired, I will treat your information anonymously, or you could phone the ‘Crimestoppers’ number on 0800 555 111 to report your suspicions.

7 assaults were reported in the area during September (compare with 11 reported in the area during August). Six of these were ‘minor’ in nature, and we have already solved 4 of these.

We are continuingour patrols of the area around the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links during the evenings, particularly at the weekends, where other operational duties allow, with the aim of targeting youth disorder.

We made a good capture recently, when we caught a male and female who had been shoplifting expensive items together, almost on a daily basis, from small shops in the Morningside and Marchmont areas over the last few weeks. The couple had gone into a variety of shops in the locality, stealing goods such as childrens’ clothing, kitchenware, ornaments and bedding. They have been charged with numerous counts of theft by shoplifting.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 5801A Lindsey Thomson

Inspector Richard Horan

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or other disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

  With autumn officially now with us, it’s worth taking time to think about all the things the darker nights bring us. Traditionally we see a rise in anti-social behaviour in October, especially in the run up to Halloween.

Egg throwing in particular seems to grow in popularity, despite the damage, distress and nuisance it causes. Along with our partners in the Council Community Safety Team we are actively trying to prevent this crime through education and encouragement. However, rest assured that we will consider all avenues in relation to enforcement, including where necessary charging the culprits.

Fireworks and bonfires are another seasonal problem. Albeit one that we do seem to be slowly getting on top of. Test purchasing initiatives at retailers, new legislation and a combined partnership approach with the Fire Service and Council are all paying off. Hopefully this improvement will continue this year.

Inspector Richard Horan