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ISSUE 49 September 2008

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

August was a challenging month for Lothian & Borders Police with the Edinburgh Festival celebrations and commencement of the new football season. The police service is often pulled in many directions by the demands placed upon us however, as ever, we continue to provide daily a high level of service to the public across the city.

With Freshers Week approaching, officers continue to maintain established links with the Universities, providing information to new students on a variety of issues including personal safety, lifestyle and home security.

In addition, as we approach Autumn and subsequent darker nights, in terms of home security, I would encourage vigilance and if anyone is seen acting suspiciously, contact your local police station.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Garden Shed Security

Unfortunately, at this time of year, break-ins to garden sheds become more common. Many criminals consider this type of crime to be low risk, as they don’t have to force entry to your home. People store bikes, power tools and expensive gardening equipment in their sheds making them very attractive targets for criminals.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to outsmart garden thieves. A few simple solutions can make all the difference to the security of your garden. Firstly is your shed in a good state of repair ?
  • The hinges and any hasps should be attached using coach bolts rather than screws, and use a good quality closed shackle padlock.
  • Shed window – securely fit a grille over it; either internally or externally.
  • Garden forks, spades, etc. can all be used as tools to try and force entry to your house. Secure them together with a length of chain through the handles secured by a padlock. Don’t leave tools lying around the garden and make sure ladders are kept secure.
  • Bikes - use securely fixed ground anchors and good quality bike locks to secure them. These can also be used for lawnmowers etc, or again secure them together.
  • Security mark tools, lawnmowers, toolboxes and garden furniture, by engraving, painting or using a security marker pen. Mark them with your surname, house number and postcode.
  • Install security lighting.
  • Fit a shed alarm. These only cost a few pounds and can be bought from most DIY store.
Should you require any further security advice contact your local Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Officer.

Local News

Beat SM46

This is the September edition of your monthly newsletter, reviewing the results of crime trends during August in respect of your ward.

In August 69 crimes were reported in your ward, representing a decrease from the preceding few months.

During August 2 housebreakings were committed in the SM46 beat (compare with 4 committed in each of the two preceding months).

The break-ins in August occurred at the following locations:
  • Brougham Street (business)
  • Greenhill Gardens
There was a further incident at a property in Marchmont Road when 2 males were found lurking in the grounds. They were charged for being on the property with intent to commit theft!

The Greenhill Gardens break-in has also been solved.

I am pleased to see that the housebreaking frequency is remaining relatively low, and is significantly lower that at this time last year.

Four vehicles were stolen from the area during August, from:
  • Marchmont Road
  • Warrender Park Road (2)
  • Warrender Park Terrace
Although this represents an increase from the previous month, when no vehicles were stolen, I am pleased to say that we have managed to solve 3 of those committed in August and the culprits have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Two vehicles were broken into during August (compare with 3 broken into during July). In August, the break-ins occurred at:
  • Drumdryan Street
  • Warrender Park Crescent
These remain unsolved at present. We would ask everyone to be vigilant during the dark winter evenings for any suspicious activity around vehicles, and report this to Police.

In August 5 vehicles were vandalised in the area at:
  • Alvanley Terrace
  • Argyle Place
  • Marchmont Street
  • Roseneath Place
  • Whitehouse Loan
These include damage to wing mirrors and, in two cases, broken windows, and are unsolved at present.

This represents a slight increase from June and July, during which 1 and 3 vandalisms were reported respectively.

Pedal cycle theft is traditionally a relatively frequent crime type in this part of the city, particularly from communual stairwells and from bike racks outside the nearby University premises. In August, 6 bicycles were stolen, slightly less than in July when 8 were stolen. The thefts occurred at:
  • Argyle Place
  • Glengyle Terrace
  • Marchmont Road (2)
  • Simpson Loan
  • Warrender Park Road
These are currently unsolved, however I am confident that we may be able to solve these in the future. It often takes a few weeks or even months to solve this crime type and sometimes when we question a suspect about another theft we do get an admission from him or her about other thefts committed.

No drugs-related offences were reported in the area during August.

If you have any information to offer about local drug-use/drug-dealing, please do contact me (see back page for contact details) or phone the ‘Crimestoppers’ number on 0800-555-111 to report your suspicions.

11 assaults were reported in the area during August. I am pleased that we have been able to solve 7 of these.

Several of these were committed by male juveniles and, as you can imagine, alcohol is a frequent contributing factor.

We are continuing our patrols of the area around the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links during the evenings, particularly at the weekends, where other operational duties allow, with the aim of targeting youth disorder.

9 road traffic offences were reported and solved in the area during August. These included offences such as driving without a licence and insurance, and being drunk in charge of a vehicle.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 5801A Lindsey Thomson


Inspector Richard Horan

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or other disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Youth Action Team
Carolyn McGhee

Tel: 0131 529 5151
  And now for an announcement! I will be giving up my post as the local community beat officer at the end of October 2008.

My replacement will be PC 4601 Yocksan Bell, who will be moving from the Neighbourhood Action Unit to take up my post. I will be returning to my previous duties as a frontline shift officer.

Although I am looking forward to this, I have of course very much enjoyed my time as a community beat officer and I have gained a lot from meeting so many membersof the local community. I will no doubt see some of you again while I am on patrol as part of my future duties!


PC 5801 Lindsey Thomson