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ISSUE 60 August 2009

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

With the busy summer season now in full swing, I am encouraged by the dedication our officers continually demonstrate in keeping communities safe whilst also working hard to police the many events and festivals taking place across the city. Our Community Beat, Neighbourhood Actions Units and Response Officers provide a vital role throughout this period, by ensuring that local issues remain at the fore whilst much attention is directed at the city centre. That said Edinburgh city centre is a dynamic and fun place in August, and all us in A Division are committed to making sure everyone who works, lives, and visits Edinburgh can do so safely.

The influx of visitors to the city does create a very different policing environment, however we have partnership operations in place in order to make sure we target the areas that may have additional needs. Operation Assure involves City of Edinburgh Council, British Transport Police, NSL Services group and Essential Edinburgh working with our officers to minimise anti social behaviour in the city centre. Joint agency patrols are being carried out in areas where there may be alcohol-related disorder and anti social behaviour. There are also patrols of buses and trains, as well as checks of licensed premises in the city centres.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Bogus Caller Crime

Over the past three years August has been the peak month for ‘Bogus Caller’ crime in the Edinburgh area.

‘Bogus Callers’ are the people who turn up on the doorstep unannounced - with good excuses such as ‘just happen to be working in the area’ ‘ you have some loose slates!’ ‘I need to check your water/electricity’ …to commit theft by distracting you.

Lothian and Borders Police ‘A’ Division and other partner agencies are working hard to reduce this type of crime occurring, but they need your assistance.

What should you do when you have a caller to your property?

Firstly when in your home, make sure your front and back doors are locked. Some callers will take an opportunity to distract you at the front door, whilst their colleague attempts to gain access to the rear.

Ask who it is, BEFORE opening the door. If possible use your door viewer or window to see who is calling. Check they are genuine. Insist on seeing identification and confirm the caller’s identity. If necessary contact the company to check, getting the telephone number from the phone book, not from the identification produced. If the visit is unexpected and you are unsure or don’t want to speak to the caller, don’t open the door.

Local News

Beat SM46

Welcome to the August 2009 Police Newsletter for the Marchmont, Meadows and Tollcross area – the SM46 Beat. It provides you with a summary of incidents that occurred in your area during August 2009. It also provides you with some helpful and relevant crime prevention information.

PC4601A Yocksan Bell

In July 83 crimes were reported in your ward. This figure is just above the monthly average for the year to date in this area which is currently sitting at 75.

A general breakdown of some of these crimes is listed in this newsletter

During July 2009 there were 228 incidents reported to Police. This is an increase on previous months calls.

Of these only 15 were graded as 1, ie emergencies that required an immediate response. 52 were graded as 2 ie. non-emergercies to be responded to within one hour. The remainder were more routine being dealt with by a shift officer or by a Community Beat officer or may not have needed a Police response.

A proportion of these jobs (18) were referred to different agencies for action.

Car vandalism, thefts of and thefts from motor vehicles often account for over 10% of all crime reported in the SM46 beat. Here are some tips to help reduce this:
  • Park in well lit areas.
  • Fit and activate alarm/immobiliser
  • Shut windows and lock doors
  • Don’t leave anything on display
  • Clean marks from windows that have been left by satellite navigation units.
  • Security mark valuables that you frequently take into car.
  • Fit removable car stereo.
  • Fit locking wheel nuts.
  • Keep keys in safe place at all times.
  • Fold back wing mirrors when parked.
Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping to find criminals and help solve crimes. They have an anonymous phone number that people can call to pass on information about crime; alternatively you can send information anonymously via their website. Callers don't have to give their name or any personal information and calls cannot be traced.

Crimestoppers provides an invaluable community service, so that anybody who has information about criminal activity can pass it on, without living in fear of the consequences. Many criminals exploit people's fear to avoid arrest.

The information you give them is passed onto the police in such a way that they do not know who you are. The service is a simple and secure way of bringing criminals to justice, without anybody knowing who the information came from.

The 0800 555 111 phone number has been helping to find criminals and solve crimes for 20 years. It's a system that works for everyone – except criminals.

During June 10 premises were broken into in our area.
  • Warrander Park Road (Domestic)
  • Warrander Park Crescent (Domestic)
  • 2 at Thirlestane Road (Domestic)
  • Glen Street (Domestic)
  • Marchmont Crescent (Domestic)
  • 2 at Leven Street (Business)
  • Argyle Place (Business)
  • Lauriston Place (Domestic)
This figure is an increase on the previous months. 4 of the above have been solved with two adult males being reported to the Procurator Fiscal. The Housebreaking Unit based here at St Leonards Police Station are dedicated to tracing and reporting all offenders in this area and have a very good success rate.
Once again please ….
  • Always secure your house door using ALL available locks. NEVER just on the Yale.
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police
  • Securely lock all personal possessions including laddres and other items which may serve as aides to the housebreaker.
  • Ensure common stair doors are in working order and secured at ALL times.
  • Confirm ID before allowing entry.
Theft of Pedal Cycles
During July there were another 11 reported thefts of bicycles. 2 have been solved, with a 15-year old male being reported. Once again, this is unacceptably high and efforts are continuing to address this.

It is evident that most bikes stolen are not being adequately protected by means of a suitable lock. We would strongly recommend the following measures, which, if followed, will greatly assist us in reducing this crime type.
  • Secure bikes properly using accredited “Sold Secure” locks.
  • Use a combination of cable lock and D-lock whenever possible
  • Always note the bike serial number and photograph your bike.
HOT TOPIC – Personal Safety
During the Edinburgh Festival there is always a huge increase in the population of Edinburgh. This will result in an increase in the numbers of opportunist criminals in our area.

Nevertheless,the chances of you becoming the victim of a crime are low. However, you can make yourself even less likely to be the victim of a violent crime -for example, robbery or assault by taking a few sensible precautions. You should think about how you would act in different situations before you are in them. Think about whether you would stay and defend yourself (using reasonable force) or simply get away as soon as you can. There is nothing wrong with either.

Here are some general points to help keep the risk low:
  • Keep to bright, well lit and busy areas.
  • Try to look and act confident. Look like you know where you are and walk tall.
  • Spread valuable around your body.
  • It is often better to shout loudly and run away.
  • If you use a wheelchair, keep your things beside you rather then on the back of the chair.
  • Try not to advertise your valuables such as your mobile phones, laptop, MP3 player or watch.
  • When out walking, be careful not to make your MP3 player an easy target for robbers. Try to keep it hidden away.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 4601A Yocksan Bell

St Leonards Station Inspector
Inspector Richard Horan

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Youth Action Team
Carolyn McGhee
Tel: 0131 529 5151

Crimestoppers (confidential)
0800 555 111
  Festival season in Edinburgh and the City seems busier than ever. At St Leonards we continue to deal with a myriad of issues.

Nicholson and Bristo Squares are very much on our radar and here we are utilising an approach called the 4 ‘E’s: Encouragement, Education, Engineering and Enforcement. By working closely with the City of Edinburgh Council, University of Edinburgh, Streetwork, the Salvation Army and other agencies in targeting the route causes of this anti-social behaviour to provide longer term solutions to this area.

Moreover, we have extra officers deployed in the Morningside, Bruntsfield and Meadows areas during the festival – to meet all the challenges these events provide.

Finally, a recent spate of house break-ins in the Morningside and Grange area have seen a number of arrests and the recovery of stolen property, and so far these year we have solved over 53% of all crime reported to us – an excellent achievement.

Inspector Richard Horan