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ISSUE 64 December 2009

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

The Division is currently busy planning for the impending festive season, and the numerous initiatives that will be going on across Edinburgh. Crimes such as shoplifting, anti social behaviour, and drink related violence will be targeted, to name but a few. ‘A’ Division Officers are dedicated to making sure Edinburgh’s population are kept safe and crime rates remain low throughout the festive period.

Lothian and Borders Police are supporting a new ‘no cold calling’ zone that launches on 1st December in the Howdenhall area of the city. The scheme, led by the City of Edinburgh Council’s Trading Standards officers, aims to give householders the confidence to say no to cold callers. This reduces the likelihood of residents becoming victims of bogus callers. No Cold Calling Zones are set up in residential areas, usually one or two streets or a small cluster of houses. Zones are identified by street signs attached to lamp posts and door stickers, telling cold callers they are not welcome. Two No Cold Calling Zones currently exist in Edinburgh, based in Cramond and Coillesdene. For more information on the scheme, contact City of Edinburgh Council Trading Standards on 0131 529 3030.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Before You Start Drinking, Get Thinking

December is traditionally a time for nights out to celebrate the end of a hard year and many of those attending will drink more alcohol than they would normally.

Top Tips For A Safe Night Out
  1. Don’t drink and drive. Even small amounts of alcohol adversely affect reaction times.You could be arrested and lose your driving license or worse you could lose your life or be responsible for the death of someone else.
  2. Know how you are getting home. Know where and when the night buses leave or arrange to get picked up from somewhere central and safe. Have a reliable taxi number in your mobile as Private Hire cars are not allowed to pick up passengers who have not pre-booked. Never be tempted to get into a car you have not pre booked as you don’t know what you are getting into.
  3. Don't accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended -it's easy for someone to put something in it.
  4. Alcohol can make you lose your inhibitions, make you feel attractive and funny but when you're drunk you are also at your most vulnerable. You could become a target for violence and unwanted attention, so drink responsibly.
  5. Look after your property. Don't leave your bag over the back of your chair and keep wallets and purses close to your body to make it more difficult for thieves. Be alert to sneak thieves in pubs, clubs and restaurant.
  6. Don’t get into petty arguments in the pub or on the street – being drunk often makes people more aggressive than usual and arguments can lead to violence.

Local News

Beat SM46

Welcome to the December 2009 Police Newsletter for the Marchmont, Meadows and Tollcross area – the SM46 Beat. It provides you with a summary of incidents that occurred in your area during November 2009. It also provides you with some helpful and relevant crime prevention information.

I hope that you all have a happy and safe festive period.

PC4601A Yocksan Bell

In November 98 crimes were reported in your ward. This figure is well above the monthly average for the year to date in this area.

A general breakdown of some of these crimes is listed in this newsletter.

Car Badge Theft
The reason for the increase in recorded crime can be attributed to the fact that 2 juvenile males were responsible for committing a large number of thefts from motor vehicles (car badges) in the Marchmount area during the first half of November. We have traced and spoken to a number of victims of this crime spree but would urge anyone in this area who had their car badge stolen at this time to contact us so that a report can be taken and further enquiry made.

During November 2009 there were 233 incidents reported to Police. This is an increase on previous months calls.
Of these only 9 were graded as 1, ie emergencies that required an immediate response. 54 were graded as 2 ie. non-emergercies to be responded to within one hour. The remainder were more routine being dealt with by a shift officer or by a Community Beat officer or may not have needed a Police response. A significant proportion of these jobs (36 or 16%) were referred to different agencies for action.

Stay Safe on Public Transport
Here are a few tips to make your journeys safer.
Although you're no more likely to be a victim of crime on public transport as you are anywhere else, there are a few simple actions you can take to make sure you stay safe:
  • Use a bus stop you know, or one that appears busy and well lit
  • If you're going to an unfamiliar place, have friends meet you at your destination
  • Sit close to the driver
  • When using trains wait on a well lit section of platform, near other people
  • Sit in a busy compartment at the front of the train
  • If you feel uncomfortable, consider getting out of your carriage and into another, or even getting off the train altogether
  • When using taxis use a taxi company you know, or one recommended by family or friends
  • If you have booked a taxi over the phone, make sure the driver knows your name anddestination, in order to ensure it's the correct taxi
  • Have your money and keys ready so that you can get into your home quickly at the end of your journey
  • If you feel uncomfortable in a taxi, ask the driver to stop in a busy familiar place and get out of the car.
During November 11 premises were broken into in our area.
  • Warrander Park Terrace x2 (Domestic)
  • Warrander Park Road x3 (Buisness)
  • Marchmont Road x2 (one attempt, nothing stolen) (Domestic)
  • Home Street (Domestic)
  • Roseneath Terrace (Domestic, no entry gained)
  • Tarvit Street (Domestic)
  • Spottiswoode Road (Domestic)
This figure is an reduction on the previous months total. The Housebreaking Unit based here at St Leonards Police Station are investigating the rest. Doors only secured on a yale lock and use of insecure garden tools have all had a part to play in these crimes.
  • Always secure your house door using ALL available locks. NEVER just on the Yale.
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police
  • Securely lock all personal possessions including laddres and other items which may serve as aides to the housebreaker.
  • Ensure common stair doors are in working order and secured at ALL times.
  • Confirm ID before allowing entry.
Theft of Pedle Cycles
During November there were another 16 reported thefts of bicycles. 1 has been solved. Once again, this is unacceptably high and well above the monthly average. All bikes stolen were either not secured or secured with only a cable lock which are notoriously easy to cut.
  • Secure bikes properly using accredited “Sold Secure” locks.
  • Use a combination of cable lock and D-lock whenever possible
  • Always note the bike serial number and photograph your bike.
HOT TOPIC Keep your Vehicle Safe
Since 1997, vehicle crime has fallen dramatically, but more than a million vehicles are still broken into, damaged or stolen every year. There's a lot you can do to ensure that your car isn't one of them. Some of the advice may sound obvious, but it could make all the difference if you follow it.
  • Never leave anything on display when you leave your vehicle.
  • Use immobilisers
Electronic engine immobilisers prevent your vehicle from starting and are the best way to stop thieves. You should only buy security devices or services that are approved byeither Thatcham(the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre 0870 550 2006, Thatcham) or by Sold Secure (01327 264 687). They should be professionally fitted -either by your car dealer or by an installer approved by the Vehicle Systems Installation Board.
  • Park safely
When parking at home, always use your garage if you have one, and lock both your vehicle and your garage. If you don't have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.
  • Buy a steering wheel lock and use it
  • Get an alarm fitted
Alarms can deter thieves not only from stealing your vehicle, but also from taking items from it. You can get more information about alarms, immobilisers and other security devices by phoning the Vehicle Security National Helpline on 0870 5502006 or the Sold Secure Helpline on 01327 264687.
  • Secure your wheels with locking wheel nuts.
  • Etch your vehicle identification number onto surfaces
Have your vehicle registration number or the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)etched onto all windows, both windscreens and your headlamps.
  • Mark your equipment such as your stereo with your reg. no.
  • Check before buying a used vehicle
Before buying, check whether the car you are interested in has been reported stolen, seriously damaged or is still subject to finance. More information on how to check can be found on the Directgov website.It is up to you to make sure the vehicle you want isn't stolen, If you have any suspicions, notify the police immediately.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 4601A Yocksan Bell

St Leonards Station Inspector
Inspector Ian Moffat

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Crimestoppers (confidential)
0800 555 111
  As we approach the end of the year, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Inspector for the St Leonards area. I have previously worked here in the last 2 years and am familiar with the wide array of needs for the area. I look forward to working with the support of all our partner agencies and communities towards a community that is safe for everyone to work, live and play.

On the approach to Christmas, many people look forward to spending time with their family and friends.

A slight word of caution – this is a time of year when criminals are looking for easy ‘pickings’ be it Christmas presents left in a car, under the tree or in transit home from town.

To ensure that you all have a great Christmas, please remember that a little bit of ‘personal’ crime prevention can go a long way and save a lot of potential grief in the process. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact your local officer in the first instance.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year

Inspector Ian Moffat
St Leonards Inspector