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ISSUE 58 June 2009

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

A number of unplanned incidents over the last few months have demonstrated the unpredictable nature of policing and provided requirement to address investigation and resource issues across the City. I wish to highlight that the focus, despite these unexpected demands, is still very much on the provision of an appropriate service to our community. The ability for police officers and staff to continue to provide this service is aided through joint working arrangements with our partners as well as liaison with the community.

The demand on police resources continues throughout June, which is traditionally a very busy month for us with a number of events taking place across the city. This is also a forerunner to the summer months of July and August, which incorporate the school holidays and a number of major events such as the Edinburgh International Festival and the Royal Military Tattoo, as well as the increased number of smaller events across the Division. We will, however, strive to continue to provide the same level of service in local communities as we do at all other times in the year.

As always, if you have any concerns you wish brought to our attention your Community Beat Officer can provide invaluable advice and support.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Summer “Slip In” Thefts

At this time of year we regularly notice a rise in the number of “Slip In” thefts. These are committed in a number of ways; the most common being when you are in the garden and the thief slips into your house through an insecure door or window and steals your valuables. Similarly if it’s a nice day and you leave windows or doors insecure whilst you go about your business inside the house you are leaving your property open to criminals.

Remember, it only takes a second to slip in and steal cash, credit cards, jewellery, digital camera, MP3 player, laptop or even your car.

If you are in your back garden, make sure that your front door is locked and secured, not just on the Yale lock as these are easy to overcome. Similarly if you have a conservatory or patio doors at the rear of your home it is important to secure them to prevent anyone slipping in whilst you’re working in your garden. Inthe rare event that we experience a particularly warm and pleasant summer, do not be tempted to leave your windows open when you’re out the house. Open windows can be an invitation to thieves and please remember to keep your car keys safe. Modern cars are virtually impossible to steal without the true key so don’t leave them lying around in vulnerable areas. Keep your keys with you or secure them in a safe place, not on a key hook or near the front door.

Local News

Beat SM46

Welcome to the June 2009 Police Newsletter for the Marchmont, Meadows and Tollcross area. It provides you with a summary of incidents that occurred in your area during May 2009.

PC4601A Yocksan Bell

In May 71 crimes were reported in your ward. This figure is just above the monthly average of 67. A general breakdown of some of these crimes is listed.

During May 2009 there were 201 incidents reported to Police. This is a reduction on previous months calls which is encouraging.
vOf these only 11 were graded as 1, ie emergencies that required an immediate response. 52 were graded as 2 ie. non-emergercies to be responded to within one hour. The remainder were more routine being dealt with by a shift officer or by a Community Beat officer or may not need a Police response.

A proportion of these jobs (30) were referred to different agencies for action.

The forthcoming Summer months will see an increase in the number of Police officers engaging in Cycle Patrols in the area. This style of Policing is relatively new to Lothian and Borders Police having been introduced in the City Centre area about 5 years ago. The area of the Meadows, Marchmont and Tollcross is an area which would greatly benefit from this type of patrol and I aim to use the bike as often as possible for the following reasons:
  • A bicycle enables you to ride up on a crime in progress without the offender knowing.
  • In urban traffic, patrol cars are often tied up with traffic lights and congestion. It is possible for a cycle patrol officer to get to a call, deal with it and resume patrol before the patrol car even gets there.
  • Wherever a suspect runs a bicycle can go this greatly assists when involved in a chase.
  • Police are much more approachable whilst on a cycle patrol promoting community engagement, positive image and healthy lifestyle. Ideal for patrolling the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links park areas.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Allows for more high visibilty coverage of the beat area increasing crime prevention and community reassurance.
During May 4 premises were broken into in our area, all to domestic dwellings
  • Glen Street - Attempt
  • Marchmont Crescent
  • Lauriston Place
  • Warrander Park Terrace - Attempt
This figure is similar to the previous months figures so represent a continued reduction on the average. The Housebreaking Unit based here at St Leonards Police Station are dedicated to tracing and reporting all offenders in this area and have a very good success rate.

Once again please …
  • Always secure your house door using ALL available locks. NEVER just on the Yale.
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police
  • Securely lock all personal possessions including laddres and other items which may serve as aides to the housebreaker.
  • Ensure common stair doors are in working order and secured at ALL times.
  • Never let anyone in without first confirming their identity.
Simple measures will solve this problem.

Theft of Pedle Cycles

During May there were 11 reported thefts of bicycles. This is unacceptably high and efforts are in hand to address this.

Liaison with local retailers to help promote secure locks with all new purchases together with increased patrols of hot spot areas will hopefully see a reduction in this crime type in the forthcoming months.
  • Secure bikes properly using accredited “Sold Secure” locks.
  • Use a combination of cable lock and D-lock whenever possible
  • Always note the bike serial number and photograph your bike.

Many of you take measures to protect your home but don’t give a thought to your bicycle, lawnmower, hedge trimmer, power tools and other valuable gardening implements lying out in a rickety old shed. Criminals consider this type of crime to be low risk/high return as they don’t have to force entry to your home and the goods they can get there are as valuable as anything in your house. The good news is there is a lot you can do to prevent it:
  • Any boundary fence/wall at your house should be built in such a way that it is difficult to climb.
  • Use a good quality closed shackle padlock on your shed door and the hasp and door hinges should be attached using coach bolts rather than screws to prevent simple removal.
  • You should keep valuable items in the house but if they must stay in the shed, chain/lock them up.
  • Lace a chain through the handles of garden forks, spades, bicycles etc. This will prevent a thief from being able to remove single items. Remember tools from your shed can be used to force entry to your house.
  • Security mark your bicycles, lawnmowers, toolboxes and garden furniture, by engraving, painting or using a security marker pen.
  • Fit an internal wire mesh grille to protect your shed window.
  • Consider a investing in a shed alarm

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 4601A Yocksan Bell

St Leonards Station Inspector
Inspector Richard Horan

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Youth Action Team
Carolyn McGhee
Tel: 0131 529 5151

Crimestoppers (confidential)
0800 555 111
  Vandalism continues to blight our community, and accounts for nearly a quarter of all crime reported to us in the area.

We have a plain clothed enquiry team now based at St Leonards whose sole remit is to prevent and detect crimes of vandalism.

But they need your help. If you see anything suspicious please telephone the police on 0131-311-3131 (or 999 in an emergency). Whilst you might not think the information is important, and I cannot promise you’ll see an overt policing response to your call, rest assured that the detail from every call is reviewed and more often than not fills in gaps in our understanding of crime trends and patterns.

Finally, on a more general note, simple preventative measures can often stop you becoming the victim of crime.

If you feel you could benefit from free crime prevention advice, please e-mail or telephone us and we will arrange an officer to visit you at a convenient time.