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ISSUE 63 November 2009

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City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

The Division is currently busy planning for the impending festive season, and the numerous initiatives that will be going on across Edinburgh. Crimes such as shoplifting, anti social behaviour, and drink related violence will be targeted, to name but a few. ‘A’ Division Officers are dedicated to making sure Edinburgh’s population are kept safe and crime rates remain low throughout the festive period.

Lothian and Borders Police are supporting a new ‘no cold calling’ zone that launches on 1stDecember in the Howdenhall area of the city. The scheme, led by the City of Edinburgh Council’s Trading Standards officers, aims to give householders the confidence to say no to cold callers.This reduces the likelihood of residents becoming victims of bogus callers. No Cold Calling Zones are set up in residential areas, usually one or two streets or a small cluster of houses. Zones are identified by street signs attached to lamp posts and door stickers, telling cold callers they are not welcome. Two No Cold Calling Zones currently exist in Edinburgh, based in Cramond and Coillesdene. For more information on the scheme, contact City of Edinburgh Council Trading Standards on 0131 529 3030.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Top Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Fraudsters who target people to assume their identity find any piece of information relating to their victim useful. Even the most mundane of documents or details can help the fraudster assume an innocent person’s identity:
  • Treat your personal details as ‘confidential’ -don’t give them away or store them in a place where they can be compromised.
  • If you are contacted by telephone, fax, post, email, or in person and asked for details such as your date of birth, mother’s maiden name, PIN number or security password. Your bank will never contact you to verify your details in this way.
  • Avoid using your mother’s maiden name as a security password - it may be easily discovered. Where possible, try not to use the same password for different accounts.
  • Destroy documents showing your name, address or other details especially bank statements, utility bills, credit and debit card receipts, pre-filled application forms and junk mail.
  • When paying by plastic card, don’t let your card go out of sight. Your account details could be copied (or ‘skimmed’) from the magnetic strip on the card and re-used without your permission.
  • Check your bank/credit card statements promptly and report any transactions you don’t recognise to your card issuer.
  • Make sure you formally close any accounts you no longer require. A fraudster could reactivate mail order or credit card account you’ve not used for a while, especially if they are registered at an old address.
  • Keep identity documents such as your driving licence, passport, birth & marriage certificates in a safe place.

Local News

Beat SM46

Welcome to the November 2009 Police Newsletter for the Marchmont, Meadows and Tollcross area – the SM46 Beat. It provides you with a summary of incidents that occurred in your area during October 2009. It also provides you with some helpful and relevant crime prevention information.

PC4601A Yocksan Bell

In October 66 crimes were reported in your ward. This figure is well under the monthly average for the year to date in this area.

A general breakdown of some of these crimes is listed in this newsletter

During October 2009 there were 221 incidents reported to Police. This is an increase on previous months calls.

Of these only 15 were graded as 1, ie emergencies that required an immediate response. 48 were graded as 2 ie. non-emergercies to be responded to within one hour. The remainder were more routine being dealt with by a shift officer or by a Community Beat officer or may not have needed a Police response.

A significant proportion of these jobs (34 or 15%) were referred to different agencies for action.

Between Monday 1st December 2009 and Sunday 3rd January 2010 we will target crimes and offences most prevalent during the festive period.

This activity will be closely aligned to both Force / Divisional policing priorities. It will tackle seasonally associated crime such as anti-social behaviour, crimes of violence and thefts including shoplifting.

The initiative will focus its activity in the areas of:
  • Anti-social behaviour,
  • Violence and disorder,
  • Thefts within the Retail Sector, including pick pocketing, slip-ins,
  • Shoplifting
  • Underage drinking
The anti-social behaviour aspect of the initiative will concentrate on areas identified as ‘hot-spots’.

The following areas have been identified as predicted anti-social behaviour hotspots: The Meadows and Bruntsfield Links and the Clerk Street area. The anti-social behaviour hotspot areas will be covered between 1400 and 2200 daily.

Operation Aura, focusing on alcohol related issues, also link in to these main objectives. Anti-social behaviour crimes are expected to be significantly higher in during the festivities taking place in the month of December. Efforts will focus on reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour to provide a safer festive period for all.

During October 7 premises were broken into in our area.
  • Spottiswoode Street (Domestic)
  • Marchmont Crescent (Domestic, nothing stolen)
  • Barclay Terrace (Business)
  • Warrander Park Road (Business)
  • Marchmont Street (Domestic)
  • Marchmont Road (Business)
  • Roseneath Street (Domestic, no entry gained)
This figure is an reduction on the previous months total. One of the above have been solved with an adult male being reported to the Procurator Fiscal. The Housebreaking Unit based here at St Leonards Police Station are investigating the rest. Doors only secured on a yale lock and use of insecure garden tools have all had a part to play in these crimes.
  • Always secure your house door using ALL available locks. NEVER just on the Yale.
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police
  • Securely lock all personal possessions including laddres and other items which may serve as aides to the housebreaker.
  • Ensure common stair doors are in working order and secured at ALL times.
  • Confirm ID before allowing entry.
Theft of Pedle Cycles
During October there were another 23 reported thefts of bicycles. 4 have been solved. Once again, this is unacceptably high and well above the monthly average. All bikes stolen were either not secured or secured with only a cable lock which are notoriously easy to cut.
  • Secure bikes properly using accredited “Sold Secure” locks.
  • Use a combination of cable lock and D-lock whenever possible
  • Always note the bike serial number and photograph your bike.
Of particular note was the robbery of a local café in Leven Street on 29/10/2009. This was a very serious incident which was extremely traumatic for staff at the café. Enquiry is still ongoing into this incident and we would urge anyone who may have any information to contact us.

Mobile phone theft is common with young people being especially vulnerable. Using a mobile phone in a busy area advertises the fact that you have a desirable item and whilst talking on the phone, you are unaware of who might be watching you. Where possible, use them out of publicview and somewhere where you can see what is happening around you. Many phones are stolen from pubs and nightclubs. Open handbags also prove tempting for thieves, as do rucksacks, coats left on chairs and phones left in vehicles.

  • Only make essential calls on the street.
  • Security mark your phone with postcode and house number using a UV pen.
  • Be discreet when using your phone and be aware of what is happening around you
  • Don’t use it in crowded situations where it can be easily snatched from you.
  • Don’t text while you walk
  • Don’t leave it unattended
  • Do use the pin code facility
  • Don’t wear it on your belt where it can be snatched
  • If it gets stolen then report the theft to the Police and get the handset barred by phoning your network provider you will need your IMEI number to do this. In this way the handset is then useless to a thief

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 4601A Yocksan Bell

St Leonards Station Inspector
Inspector Ian Moffat

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Crimestoppers (confidential)
0800 555 111
  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this month I find myself moving on to another role within the organisation.

Happily a more than suitable replacement has been selected. One of our local Sergeants, Ian Moffat, will assume the role of the St Leonards Sector Inspector on 23rd November 2009.

Ian has an extensive background in community policing, and has been a Sergeant at St Leonards for the past 2 years. This gives him the added advantage of knowing about many of the issues we work to try and resolve on a day to day basis – he will hit the ground running.

Ian’s contact details are:

It’s been a pleasure working for you all over the past 20 months.

Richard Horan