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ISSUE 62 October 2009

'Work With Us'

City Wide

October traditionally sees the start of the autumn season, and our policing work in the city modifies to fit the changing needs of the city. Working in partnership with other agencies in the city, we are engaging with members of the public on community safety issues ranging from personal safety during darker nights right through to firework night awareness. The period leading up to 5th November is traditionally busy with calls about unauthorised bonfires and firework displays. I would always encourage members of the public to attend official displays as they are much safer ways to enjoy the festivities.

I am delighted to pass on the news that two of our officers are being recognised for their outstanding contributions to the community. Leith Community officer PC Simon Daley has been nominated for the Community Policeman of the Year award for his dedication to the local area. Another A Division officer, PC David Nelson, will attend a reception ceremony at the Scottish Parliament to recognise the hard work he has put in as part of the Junction project, which helps young people with health and well-being issues. I must congratulate and commend both officers for their much deserved recognition. I am continually encouraged by the good work that every one of our Community Beat Officers undertakes to make our communities safer places to live, work, and visit.

Chief Superintendent Colin Campbell, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Fireworks and Bonfire Safety

This year, as in previous years, the weeks surrounding the 5th of November will place considerable demands on the public services across the city, including the Police. Many people are needlessly injured and a great deal of nuisance is caused to the public due to the misuse of fireworks and the irresponsible building of bonfires.

Bonfires are often constructed in inappropriate places, near to people’s homes or businesses or built to such a size that they present a danger to life and property.

Lothian and Borders Police are working closely with our partners within the Fire and Rescue Service, council services and local health services within our local communities to reduce the potential dangers to the public by;
  • removing any unauthorised bonfires that pose a threat to life or property
  • educating children and young persons about the dangers of fireworks
  • ensuring the retailers involved in the sale of fireworks act responsibly
  • identifying individuals involved in the misuse or illegal sale and supply of fireworks
Call 999 in an emergency and urgent police assistance is required or 0131 311 3131 to report a matter to the police. To report unauthorised bonfire sites you feel are dangerous contact City of Edinburgh Council on 0131 200 2000 or report it directly to Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue. If you have any information regarding a crime or criminal activity, you can give this anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Local News

Beat SM46

Welcome to the October 2009 Police Newsletter for the Marchmont, Meadows and Tollcross area – the SM46 Beat. It provides you with a summary of incidents that occurred in your area during September 2009. It also provides you with some helpful and relevant crime prevention information.
PC4601A Yocksan Bell

In September 75 crimes were reported in your ward. This figure matches the monthly average for the year to date in this area.

A general breakdown of some of these crimes is listed in this newsletter

During September 2009 there were 214 incidents reported to Police. This is an increase on previous months calls.

Of these only 16 were graded as 1, ie emergencies that required an immediate response. 68 were graded as 2 ie. non-emergercies to be responded to within one hour. The remainder were more routine being dealt with by a shift officer or by a Community Beat officer or may not have needed a Police response.

A proportion of these jobs (27 or 13%) were referred to different agencies for action.

Internet fraud is one of the fastest growing areas of illegal activity in the UK. If you shop online, take a few easy steps to ensure that your personal information is protected.

For many years the intense security that protected most internet-based transactions arguably made shopping online safer than shopping in the high street.

But over the last few years, clever hackers have succeeded in a number of internet scams -convincing those who bank online to give over their account details, for example, and creating false credit card encryption screens. So these days, you need to take extra steps to ensure that your information is protected.

Don't become a victim
Here are a few things you can do to make your online transactions safer:
  • Make sure your web-browser is set to the highest security level.
  • Use a recent version of a web browser -they have better security features.
  • Look for a padlock symbol at the bottom of the page and 'https' at the beginning of the web address. If those are not there, do not enter credit card information.
  • If you have concerns, telephone the company to ask about its encryption.
  • Print out your electronic receipt and keep it safe.
  • Check bank and credit card statements to make sure the details match.
  • Never disclose your PIN numbers to anyone, including people who claim to be from your bank.
  • Remember, your bank will never ask you to reenter your account information, and they will never ask you to send your pin number in an email.
During September 9 premises were broken into in our area.
  • Marchmont Cres (Domestic)
  • Greenhill Place (Domestic)
  • Glen Street (Domestic)
  • Warrander Park Terrace (Domestic)
  • Roseneath Place (Domestic)
  • Lauriston Park (Business)
  • Glengyle Terrace (Attempt/Domestic)
  • Roseneath Street (Business)
  • Warrander Park Road (Business)
This figure is an increase on the previous months. One of the above have been solved with an adult male being reported to the Procurator Fiscal. The Housebreaking Unit based here at St Leonards Police Station are investigating the rest. Doors only secured on a yale lock and use of insecure garden tools have all had a part to play in these crimes.
  • Always secure your house door using ALL available locks. NEVER just on the Yale.
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police.
  • Securely lock all personal possessions including laddres and other items which may serve as aides to the housebreaker.
  • Ensure common stair doors are in working order and secured at ALL times.
  • Confirm ID before allowing entry.
Theft of Pedal Cycles
During September there were another 11 reported thefts of bicycles. 2 have been solved, with the same 16-year old male being reported for both. Once again, this is unacceptably high and efforts are continuing to address this. All bikes stolen were either not secured or secured with only a cable lock which are notoriously easy to cut.
  • Secure bikes properly using accredited “Sold Secure” locks.
  • Use a combination of cable lock and D-lock whenever possible
  • Always note the bike serial number and photograph your bike.
HOT TOPIC – Graffiti
Anti Graffiti Poster Competition

Illegal graffiti is something that affects us all. Generally speaking our community does not approve of such activity and it is regularly reported as crime. Often it is unsightly and offensive in its content. It also costs us all vast sums of money to clear it up. Enforcement in this area often gives us results but the issue cannot be tackled using this alone.

In an effort to address this issue I have recently launched an Anti Graffiti Poster Competition within one of the local schools. Pupils are currently designing a full color poster containing a positive message on the subject.

The winning poster will be chosen in November with the help of a panel of expert judges from the Edinburgh College of Art. The winning poster will then be enlarged and placed on an Ad-Trailer where it will be displayed across South Edinburgh in the new year.

It is hoped that this type of early intervention will raise awareness within our community and will serve to provide a mid to long-term reduction in this type of volume crime. It also serves to complement the more proactive, enforcement work that is ongoing in this area.

If you see anybody committing this type of crime or if you haveany suspicions or information that will help us to detect and report offenders please get in touch either via Crimestoppers (confidential) of by calling your local Police Station.

Useful Numbers

  And Finally...

Community Beat Officer for Marchmont

PC 4601A Yocksan Bell

St Leonards Station Inspector
Inspector Richard Horan
See And Finally

Force Communications Centre
(For non-emergency crimes or disorder)
Tel: 0131 311 3131

St Leonards Police Station
Tel: 0131 662 5000

Community Safety Department
Tel: 0131 221 2050 / 2100

Crimestoppers (confidential)
0800 555 111

How to contact police to report incidents:
Non-Urgent calls/general enquires:
0131 311 3131 or or
  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this month I find myself moving on to another role within the organisation.

Happily a more than suitable replacement has been selected. One of our local Sergeants, Ian Moffat, will assume the role of the St Leonards Sector Inspector on 23rd November 2009.

Ian has an extensive background in community policing, and has been a Sergeant at St Leonards for the past 2 years. This gives him the added advantage of knowing about many of the issues we work to try and resolve on a day to day basis – he will hit the ground running.

Ian’s contact details are:

It’s been a pleasure working for you all over the past 20 months.

Richard Horan