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ISSUE 66 February 2010

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

This month sees ‘A’ Division preparing to implement increased community policing efforts in the South and East of the city.

As you will be aware, there are currently Community Beat Officers dedicated to particular beats within the city. In line with our increased focus on community engagement, Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be formed on the 1st March at Howdenhall, St Leonard’s, Portobello, and Craigmillar police stations. These teams will combine the existing Community Beat officers, Neighbourhood Action Unit officers and officers funded by the Scottish Government to form a team dedicated to serving each Ward area in partnership with officers from the City of Edinburgh Council. Our officers will be spending even more time out in the community, gathering local concerns and setting local priorities based on both information from the public and various outstanding community issues. Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Community Safety teams will deal with these as a priority over an agreed period of time. An important aspect of this work is reporting back successes to communities and we will do that through a variety of different means, including the community newsletter. Our evolution of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams is a long term process that is designed to empower communities to make changes to their local areas and improve quality of life.

While the initial stages of the project will only be in the South and East of the city, we aim to roll the Safer Neighbourhood Teams out across the city in the coming months.

Chief Superintendent Gill Imery, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics

Housebreaking – Don’t Become A Victim

Before leaving your home make sure all windows are properly secured and importantlyany window locks fitted are used. Good window locks prevent the window from being opened and would require the housebreaker to remove all glass before they would consider climbing through for fear of cutting themselves. Almost every housebreaker is a repeat offender whose DNA is held by the Police and the tiniest blood trace left behind will lead us directly to them. As a result most will not consider climbing through a broken window. Ensure that you don’t leave the window lock key where it can be easily reached by the housebreaker or they will simply reach the key through the broken window and use it to open the window frame to gain access.

Do not leave tilt & turn or hopper windows slightly open, even if you lock them, as it is much easier to lever them open.

Top Tips:
  • Don’t leave valuables like a laptop or a purse where they can be viewed through a window. They may tempt a break in.
  • Valuables left near windows are a smash and grab risk.
  • Be aware of the real risk of someone “fishing” valuables like car keys, purses or handbags through a letterbox or window using for example a long garden cane.
  • Don’t leave keys in locks.
  • By taking these simple steps you can greatly reduce your risk of having your house broken into.