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ISSUE 67 March 2010

'Work With Us'

City Wide

Divisional Commanders Message

This month has seen the introduction of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in the South and East of the city, which is further evidence of our strong commitment to community policing.I am determined to build on the current levels of community engagement at a local level by improving our approach to identifying and prioritising issues, and addressing local concerns affecting our communities. I look forward to reporting on the progress of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams and am confident they will continue to uphold the proud traditions of responsive community policing within the city of Edinburgh.

Indeed, the value of meaningful community engagement and the importance of the role played by our Community Police Officers have been demonstrated on a number of occasions in recent weeks. High profile public events, for example the recent attempted march by members of the Scottish Defence League and counter-demonstration by Scotland United Against Facism, and serious operational incidents, such as the shooting at Jock’s Lodge, continue to place varying demands on our policing service. I have been impressed and encouraged by the excellent work carried out to prepare for and respond to these demands, always keeping the safety and well being of our communities uppermost in our minds.

Chief Superintendent Gill Imery, Divisional Commander.

Hot Topics


Legal Highs are a very hot topic in the national press at the moment. They are substances made from herbs, chemicals and extracts which imitate the effects of some illegal drugs such as LSD and ecstasy but are not controlled by the Misuse of Drugs or Medicines Acts.

Rather than being labelled as recreational drugs, many of these products are badged up as everyday products such as alloy wheel cleaner. The Legal High substance known as Mephedrone is regularly sold as plant food.

Little is known about the long-term effects of these substances due to the short history of human consumption but it should be noted that just because they are sold legally, it does not mean they are safe to use. There is anecdotal evidence available to suggest that use of Legal Highs has had detrimental effects on the health and well being of users.

Parents should be aware that due to recent press coverage and the potential risks involved with ingesting Legal Highs, many shops in Edinburgh that were retailing these substances have stopped selling products containing Mephedrone and other Legal Highs. This has served to increase user hype and some young people have taken to using their parent’s or older siblings credit cards for purchasing Legal Highs online where they are more readily available and cheaper.

More information on Legal Highs can be found at: and