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Securing Your Pedal Cycle - Opportunist Thieves Are Operating!

Securing Your Pedal Cycle

As the owner of a pedal cycle you may not be aware of the high number of bike thefts that have happened recently within your area, 147 to be precise since the beginning of the year. Police Officers in the south area, including your local Community Beat Officer, in partnership with Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, are currently taking part in an operation to educate and enforce bike security and would therefore urge you to take a minute to consider the following advice.

  • Please ensure that you take ALL measures available to properly secure your pedal cycle when it is left unattended.
  • If possible keep your pedal cycle out of sight within your flat. If this is not possible, ALWAYS  secure your pedal cycle by means of lock, chain or both.
  • Where there is a stair lock fitted please ensure that the door is locked at ALL TIMES  to prevent unauthorised entry to the stair. Failure to use the lock greatly reduces the protection afforded to your pedal cycle or property. Any thief who gains entry to an insecure common stair is immediately sheltered from public view affording them an ideal opportunity to steal. If the common stair door is  secure a criminal will generally move onto a stair where there is easy access, as they will make no attempt to force entry to a secure door whilst in public view for fear of being caught.
  • Please ensure you have the best chain or lock you can and think about using a combination of locks. Suppliers recommend the use of chain though the wheel, which attaches to your lock – so only one key but two security measures.
  • Consider ‘Data-tagging’ – a chip within your frame, which can be checked by the police in the event your bicycle is stolen. This costs as little as £12 and is available at most bike shops.
  • Ensure you record your serial number and bike details as if your bike is stolen it will assist police in the recovery.

Thefts can, and do, occur within minutes so it is vital that ALL measures are taken to prevent such an occurrence. Your assistance in helping protect your property is appreciated.

Chief Inspector Doug Forsyth
Howdenhall Police Station