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Table & Chairs Consent Application Guidelines

­Table & Chairs Consent Application Guidelines

  1. If the footway outside your premises is less than 3m in width, your application shall not be considered.
  2. If applying for tables and chairs consent for more that one premise please ensure that payment of the fee is per premise, (ie one cheque per premise).
  3. If your premises are located on Rose Street, Lawnmarket, High Street, Lothian Road, St Andrew Square, South St Andrew Square or Grassmarket then barrier details are to be submitted with your application for tables and chairs consent.
  4. If applicable the consent holder must delineate the width of the table and chair area with a fixed barrier mounted at 1 metre above the footway level. The barrier is to be light in colour, robust and fixed to suitable mountings. (Details to be agreed in advance with City Development).
  5. If an A board is to be displayed then it shall be located within your table and chairs area.